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15-07-04, 02:21 AM
Hi have a mare by Jazz out of a TB. I have made it to my final 2 choices. Don Cavallo by Donnerhall from Weltmeyer mare or Ruiz Solor (Rubinstein/ Argentinus) Any ideas about who would be a better parther for my Jazz mare?


15-07-04, 03:35 AM
You really need to look at her conformation, type, movement etc and see if the stallion complements her faults.
A great o/s forum to ask this question is wwwarmbloods.com
Remember to find out how much frozen success these stallions have had. Gambling with frozen is costly these days. I buy mine through Waterview Park as they offer a free service to Ex Libris (chilled semen) if you don't have any luck with the frozen semen service.

15-07-04, 06:17 AM
Ruiz Solor is the best choice, rarety not many in the country. Have you found an outlet for the semen? or are you bringing it in yourself?
I had been told there was no more in Australia.

15-07-04, 07:31 AM
He has also been gelded. There was an ad in this months HD's (classified section) for 2 of his doses....

15-07-04, 07:47 AM
I read on the wwwarmbloods.com forum that Ruiz Soler had been gelded?

perhaps try doing a search in the Oldenburg(?) forum to see if I am right on that. Of course there could still be some frozen semen available..

15-07-04, 10:35 AM
Which then leads to the Q: WHY was he gelded? Accident? or Attitude?

I agree; search on www!!!

15-07-04, 11:16 AM
Oops I thought it was a secret the horse was gelded. Guess not,as to why he was gelded, that is the million dollar question $$$

The youngstock have been a little hot, but nothing unworkable.
The semen stocks have dried up here.
So I guess you are lucky to find someone with some available.

16-07-04, 01:00 AM
give cheryl o'brien a call at remi stud. she saw don cavallo last year when she went to germany and has a couple of mares in foal to him, due this season.

i'm sure she would love to have a chat with you!! :+

16-07-04, 02:35 AM
Hi All,
I did some research on www.warmbloods site and found out that he was gelded because the lady that brought him for hunting didn't want a stallion, so she gelded him, it seems that he was only gelded for that reason and not because his temp, conformation etc. I actually forgot to add that i already have semen to both these stallions in storage, as i brought them cheap, from someone selling them. I have heaps of other semen stored away, i'm abit of a semen collector, i have Wolkenstein 11, Jazz, Wenchstein and some others.

I'm going to have a chat to Cheryl O'brien tonight to see what she says about Don Cavallo.

Its such a hard choice to make as my Jazz mare is perfect and both stallions are suitable, but I just don't no which line.

Thanks for your current help.

17-07-04, 05:37 AM
snip<Its such a hard choice to make as my Jazz mare is perfect >snip

well we can all pack up and go home and find another hobby. If the perfect horse has been born and will continue to breed perfect horses - what is the point?

Your mare is probably a wonderful, beautiful and very correct mare, but she isn't perfect.

The perfect horse hasn't been born. And in breeding, it is important that we don't become 'barn blind'. Barn blind people own PERFECT horses, breed PERFECT horses and its the last place that any serious breeder wants to end up at.

I'm glad you own a wonderful, beautiful and very correct mare - good for you, but be careful not to become barn blind.

17-07-04, 12:30 PM
Gee LisaL you don't have to jump the gun, what do you like being mean! I didn't mean that she was perfect, better then every other horse, i mean she's perfectly suited to both these stallion thus making the choice hard, as to which line she is best suited for, i asked advice not to get into a nasty bitch fight. I mean shes a great mare and has nothing majorly wrong with her. Don't add to the conversation in future if you have nothing knowledgable to say.

21-07-04, 05:37 AM
forgive the hormonal moment...

what I was trying to say was what you are saying, that the mare/stallion match can be a great one, but that the perfect horse hasn't been born yet.

sorry, but I see so many poorly put together 'perfect' horses from people who don't take the time to really analyse their stock:-)


31-07-04, 05:18 AM
Yes I'm sorry to LisaL. I know what you been, i should of not written it the way i had. For the mare from conformation and movement she is suitable for both these stallions.


24-09-04, 05:25 AM
Hi, I also have a Jazz filly out of a TB mare who is ready to breed this year. Personally, I prefer to match up bloodlines. As Jazz goes back to Purioso, which is a Furioso line, I am going to use a stallion with the Furioso line, such as a Florestan stallion. My mares dam line has a double cross of Precipitation as well, which is the sire of Furioso, and it is a very important line in dressage horses. There are many stallions to choose from with this line, its a matter of studying the catalogues
Some examples are French Kiss, Farewell, Falsterbo, Ferrero Rocher, any of the Dutchman stallions, Gullit, Julft, any Voltaire line stallion, Ixion, Brae Galaxy, Olympic Ferro, For Feeling, Wunder stallions, Haarlem, Metall, Rhodium etc.
I believe that successful breeding is in careful evaluation of blood lines, and then matching up types after that.
Ruiz Soler is a total outcross, I have that semen too, but i am using over an Aachen/Grannus 11/Daktylus mare to get a double cross of Artentinus, and the Duellant lines which have unfortunately faded out.