View Full Version : Stud Name Ideas???

28-07-04, 05:12 AM
Just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas for a great stud name? Must start with a 'D' though. We will be breeding warmbloods. Thanks.

28-07-04, 10:57 AM
DUH! lol just kidding!

umm what about using some letters from your name?

mr snoty nose
28-07-04, 02:15 PM
Hows DUMBLOOD STUD or Doodle Farm or Doudoe Stud or Doubleyadoe Stud last one Dontbreedbuythereadymadeproductcheaper Stud thats my fav.....

29-07-04, 03:42 AM
Mr snotty nose are you a complete drop kick or what? Not all breeders are out to make a buck, some actually do it for the pleasure when they have horses with great bloodlines. Get over your self!

29-07-04, 06:43 AM

Maybe you can think of a word you like, for example running, happy, a name of a flower or even something like Exciting, Adventure, Secret Ambition and look up in a theasaurus for a word that means the same that starts with D.
For example you may choose Dancing Warmbloods.... Then you can have registered names for your foals as like Dancing Poet, Dancing Prince...

Have you got some favorite words or a combination of your last name and your partners name. or first names....

Throw some names or favorites at me and I will try and think of some combinations.....

29-07-04, 07:39 AM
Thanks Cheryl, good idea's. I want a 'D' name because my colts lineage on his sire's side are all very well known 'D' name sires and my colt is also a 'D' name so just want to carry it on with a 'D' stud name. Also our brand has the 'D' in it. I shall get out my thersauras and have a nosey, cheers.