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04-08-04, 12:25 AM
Hi all!

Posting here as well as in equestrian. Can you help with any comments (keep constructive plse) on these stallions or their broodmare daughters? I can't find any info on Zwion ped or pics.


05-08-04, 01:25 PM
Hello Integrity

I saw both stallions several years ago, they were both very nice, Zwion was more tb in type and most probably overlooked by many people because he had strangles that had left scarring on his neck & jaw. He was a lovely horse just the same with very nice paces and temp. Koenigsberg was a large impressive type, i did not get to see him move as he had an injuury and was stabled. Koenigsberg was also the sire of Neverfeld Samonenin (not sure if that is the correct spelling) grand prix mare.

I think both these stallions have proven themselves with progeny out competing and winning. I am about to lease a Koenigsberg mare to breed to my trakehner stallion and i have a mare by a Zwion stallion out of a Kassiber mare due to foal shortly, she is a lovely mare with exceptional paces and temp.

Personally i think many Trakehner stallions that were imported some years ago have been overlooked. People have been swept away with heavy advertising and big names promoting other imported breeds. I have had Trakehners for the past 15 years and can not go past their temp or movement, unfortunately they are not so heavily promoted.

10-08-04, 07:39 AM
I agree with chris. There are a lot of lovely stallions out there that are not used because their bloodlines are not "popular" at the moment, but if you look into their pedigrees they have top grade competition horses in their bloodlines.

Some of the stallions in Australia that I have considered or have used are Speratus, Benito, Fred Astaire, Sponeck, Spiegel, Korritt, Kaliber and Alberich.

I have had Trakehners for about 14 years myself and find they have wonderful temperaments and a high degree of intelligence for training.

I have a photo and a copy of Zwions pedigree, if you are interested. Zwion was by a thoroughbred sire, but was classified/approved by the Trakehner Verband.


10-08-04, 10:51 AM
Hi alex...

wow yes that would be excellent thanks! Can you upload and email it? shahbria@yahoo.com

I have just bought spiegel semen, and am hoping to also have feuertanzer semen in later in the year ($$$ depending!). One of my friends had Benito so I am familiar with him, and have seen pics of Fred Astaire, Sponeck and Alberich but not Kaliber or Korrit. I would dearly love to import a Hohenstein mare one day. If wishes were horses beggars would ride! lol

10-08-04, 12:50 PM
Here is some info on KONIGSBERG (Imp Germany)
Sire: FLUGSAND, ch., Primary stallion Trak. Ass. and State Stud Lelle (Hannover)
Dam: KAPUA, gr., Nat. Stud Lisken and Rothensande, West Germany Trak. Principal Studbook 3294.
Sire's Sire line: ALTAN, chlk born in Trakehnen Pr.St. Trak Ass. and State St. Celle.
Sire's dam line: DLUGTAUBE, ch., Princ. St. B 1937

Dam's sire line: DREIBUND, chlk Pr. St.Nat. Stud Lisken. East Prussia.
Dam's dam line: APULIA, grlk Nat. St. Lisken. Princ. St. B 2862

Liverchestnut, 16.3hh (169cm), Girth: 77in. (195cm). cannon bone: 8.75in (22.3cm)
Born 15.10.1967 - West Germany. Breeder: A Norenberg, Rothensande Stud.
Passed Central Stallion Selection Test 1970 Neumunster/Holstein.
"Large framed stallion with excellent ty0e and stallion expression. Very clear in outlines. Well positioned, muscular shoulder out of which withers and neck grow beautifully. Movements in all paces are extended and full of impulsion"

Passed Stallion Performance Test 1971 Westercelle/Hannover.
"Good walk, trot and canter, vivacious temperament, tough constitution, good dressage quality, remarkable jumping ability. Special remark: Talented riding horse with very good jumping ability"

Wins and placings in Material classes (similar to hack) and dressage competitions incl. wins in Grade L (about elementary level)
Educated up to St. George Level
Wins and placings in eventing, including wins in grade L (agout ODE advanced) 5 wins in pure cross coutnry competitions. Wins and placings in showmumping including wins in puissance.

Sire FLUGSAND - successful in the Hannovarian breed as State Stud Stallion at Celle like his sire ALTAN and in the Trakehner Breed, where he made alot of very successful approved stallions, including winners of the Stalion Selection Test, standing at stud in Germany and other coutnries, very good broodmares and many successful showhores, among these the international top class dressage horse ILLUSION (Harry Boldt).
FLUGSAND was used 1967 - 1974 successfully as a breeding sire in Argentina. 1974 he returned to Germany and was still used for breeding in 1979.
LUTETIA by FLUGSAND is dam of LUCADO, one of the most important Trakehner stallions of recent years, sire of HERBSTRUF, winner of Stallion Selection Test 1979.
Stallion book: ALTAN proved himself as a breeding sire of great class. "He was very successful as well in the Hannoverian breed as in the Trakehner breed by siring many outstanding stallions, broodmares and performance horses.
Stallion Book: TOTILAS holds an exceptional rank in the Trakehner breed of West Germany. His progeny is very breedy looking and shows often exceptional good jumping ability and potential for cross coutnry. The name of one stallion and one broodmare shall stand for all saved qualities of the National Stud Trakehner and East Prussia: TOTILAS and POLARFAHRT. Both these breeding horses became famous because of both, their performance in the breed and their special quality.
TOTILAS is the outstanding foundation stallion of the Trakehner breed in West Germany. Among his progeny are top class showjumpers like the Trakehner TRUMPF (HG Winkler) and the Holsteiners ATHENE (A Buchwaldt) and TASSO (H Steenken). TOTILAS was the most important producer of broodmares in West Germany in quality as well as in quanitity. His daughter SCHWALBE, DLG-Champion Mare, became legendary because of her first class progeny. She had 19 foals in 20 breeding years. TOGA by TOTILAS is dam of DLG-Champion HEROS who sired ULTIMO (refer to COPERNICUS - GABRIEL) and three approved stallions. TOGA'S son THOR belongs to the top class jumping horse sires in Germany producing horses like THRONGOLGER (F. Ligges)
If Pythagoras had been used to the end of his life he would have been the most influential and most important Primary Stallion of Trakehnen of all times. His career was too early finished by the events of the war.
Born in the National Stud Lisken, East Prussia, represents"in her pedigree best bloodlines of the National Stud Trakehnen and the East Prussian private Trakener Breed. She was a very high marked (highest possible mark for impulsion), large framed mare, 16.2hh and was successful in showjumping in West Germany up to B-Grade.
KONIGSBERG's full brother FALKE was successful in the sport, his sister KARAWANKEN is broodmare in Germany's most important private stud, toghether with ILLUSION by FLUGSAND.
In her bloodlines you find the very rare and sought after blood of CAROL, sire of both GOld and Silver Medal winners of the Olympic Games, 1936 the Trakhners KRONOS and ABSINTH, also in the winning team in dressage.
KAPUA's sire DREIBUND is the most successful sire of jumping horses in Poland. His sire and dam are out of the best families of Trakehnen.

KONIGSBERG: Most of his life KONIGSBERG was competing, but in his progeny are some outstanding foals and broodmares winnning state awards.

Hope this minefield of information has been of some help.

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YES! SMART ASS!!lol ring u later re info on Rosie (horse - not dog)


Cyberhorse Mel
14-08-04, 06:39 AM
Kaliber is the sire of Hollybrook Boston. Berni's gorgeous FEI gelding who has been hugely successful at showing WB & Arabian Derivative (dams' side) and also dressage to FEI level.