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Corre (Guest)
03-07-01, 10:42 AM
i've started competing/going to clinics with my 5yo tb. We have a standard float, which he fits in perfectly length wize, but as he is 17.1hh his poll is about 2 cm from the roof. He is a bad loader, and i am almost positive it is because he is scared of hitting his head on the roof, (which he has done one or two times when rushing out of the float.) he's perfect goin on the truck, and a friends extended height float, but not ours. Buying another larger float is out of the question. Is there any way of putting a new taller roof on? any suggestions?

JWA (Guest)
03-07-01, 11:38 AM
Take a few photos of your float and take it into a sheet metal worker, preferably one who had done floats. They can take the roof off and add more height then reattach the roof. I've a big baby too (he is 18hh) and I may need to do the same on my already extra width and extra height float.

Shahron (Guest)
03-07-01, 11:42 AM
You can have them extended, heightened, widened - you name it. It just depends on how much you want to spend?
I would presume he might almost have his nose against the glass/front of the float as well does he?

Depending on which state you're in, you'll find there are different people who do this. I've just had mine renovated by Fox Floats in WA and it's sensational. I'd got quotes in Melbourne and it was about $2,000 to get it done by a semi-professional bloke rather than one of the bigger float companies.

Just ring around and get quotes. In the meantime, you can hire extended floats at some places. Again, you just have to hunt around to find a place that does it.

Good luck.

03-07-01, 12:34 PM
Hi Corre,

Most floats are too low for horses over 16hh. Average height is 2170mm. So called extended or warmblood floats are 2200mm or just over. They are too low. The height for your horse should be 2350mm.

To extend a roof is not difficult. If your husband or dad can do it it will cost around $500. Get a factory and it will be $1,200 to $2,000. You should see the look of relief on the problem horses that I get to pick up when they see my float. They just go pheeeeeeeew, ok.

Our poor horses!! The things they have to put up with. Reason, horse floats are designed by engineers, not horsemen!!!!

I can walk up to the best makes in this country and pick 20 things that could and should be improved if only they knew.
Passionate yes....the horses agree!!


Shahron (Guest)
03-07-01, 12:58 PM
Aaah yes, but I forgot to mention that there are some bad points to having the height extended. It's great for the horses but you will never be able to fit through a McDonald's drive thru - that's a Bugger!!! ;-)

03-07-01, 01:13 PM
But I had you imagined as a slim athletic type Sharon :-)

Shahron (Guest)
03-07-01, 01:26 PM
Yeah right....! there seems to be two types of dressage riders:

1. The Barbie Doll Types - ie. Anky, Nicole Uphoff-Becker etc. and.....
2. The not-so-Barbie-doll types - ie. Kyra, Isabell etc.

I definately fit into the second category..... way down the other end of the scale. :D (hee, hee, hee)

Corre (Guest)
05-07-01, 12:14 PM
thanx for the advice! i'll get my camera out this weekend :-)