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12-08-04, 03:09 AM

I am a Virgin Breeder(HaHaHa) and have been wanting to breed my mare for some time now and this year I would like to start.......However, i am unsure about where to find even the basic info including-how do you tell and track a mares cycles??????How long do they stand with a stallion for if you area doing natural sevicing of her? etc....

Can anoyone point me to some good info or advice or websites?

12-08-04, 08:14 AM
ok, most mares will become affectionate during "in season" If you have any geldings in with her, she may pal up with 1 of them. She will also pee alot, and diplay her most private part to you if you look closely. this is called winking. When shes reallly in season this part will be red, not pink. Most studs serve twice in the cycle on the 2-4th day. Best places to ask is a nearby stud or your vet. Most mares stay in for about 7 days.
If your going to let her run with the stallion, then he will know anyway, and you just will have to watch and write down any service dates.

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14-08-04, 12:45 AM
Goulburn Valley Equine hospital have some great articles on breeding on their website. I think Cyberhorse has links to these somewhere. Otherwise 4 aces also sell some good books and videos on breeding and foaling down that may be of some use. GVEH also run a brilliant breeding seminar that everyone breeding horses should attend, however I think it has been run this year already as it is usually in July.