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24-09-04, 01:40 PM
Hi, I would love to hear from people who have had success with different frozen semen. What stallions have you found easy to use, and how many inseminations has it taken to get the mare pregnant. I know Weltmeyer is easy to use, and Rotspon, but what successes have people have.
I am doing a bit of a survey to see what has been successful and what hasnt. I would also like to hear about what semen has been difficult to use, such as Krack C

24-09-04, 10:21 PM
I found Lutz easy to use .... 1 dose. An about to try Feuertaenzer in the next month if the mare is cycling, can let you know how that goes. I also gather both Caprimond and his son Hohenstein are both tricky to use, I would love to use them, but can't afford a failure at the moment, so maybe next year :)

25-09-04, 01:36 AM
I have used two doses of Junior STV semen and have had two pregnancies. One of them is a three year old now and an extreemly nice type with very good movement. The other one is due this December.

25-09-04, 01:38 AM
Cate, where did you get the Lutz semen from? I tried to purchase some about 2 to 3 years ago but was told all the stocks had defrosted in transport and there was none left!, hence, we are negotiating with an owner of a Lutz/Benito mare to purchase.

Caprimond semen is difficult to get into the country but Hohenstein semen is readily available BUT the motility on thaw is touch and go (apparently way less than 30% and no live foal guarantee)

To beat the odds my hubby has put on 'layby' a lovely a lovely mare overseas (hoping to bring her in early in the new year) who is the Caprimond/Hohenstein line in foal to Axis (licensed and graded) who is the Mahogony/Induc line! There is a Hohenstein grandson in Australia for sale but he is priced way out of our bracket and it works out cheaper to bring a classified, graded competition Hohenstein/Caprimond mare into the country in foal to another great line - even paying euro dollars and importation/quaranteen costs on top.

Fingers crossed she is carrying a male embryo inside to give a new line to Australia.

Fingers and all appendages are crossed now, that we sell our Qld property so that we can move 'south' to larger land to continue our breeding program. Any takers for a well set up Qld property?? :)
Looks like all potential property buyers are sitting on their hands because of the 'election'.:( Unfortunately this is slowing our process up somewhat, but if we can make our dream come true, in about 2 years we will be releasing some incredibly well bred youngstock onto the market of the great dynasties such as Benito, Korrit, Kassiber, Konigsberg, Kaliber, Copernicus (Coktail), Caprimond, Hohenstein, Mahogony and our wonderful Falkensee. None will be released until then though - which is why we need to move to more land. What is in our paddocks right now is impressive. None of the 'boys' will be gelded until they are classified and graded - so only the best will remain entire.

25-09-04, 07:48 AM
Not sure what you are trying to get out of the study, but I am sure yuo are very aware that the stallion is only one side of the equation when it comes to getting the pregnancy. You can have 99% motile semen and still get no foal.

For example we bred a mare to Espri, got foal first time. Bred same mare twice next year with same batch of semem and got no pregnancy. The semen was the same and the mare was clean. I have bred with Cadulla Du Tillard and gotten pregancy and foal on first go, then the second foal took 6 breeds and three different mares to get the pregnancy. I have some mares that always take 2 inseminations.

The stallions that I would not use again are Uniform (lucky to get one pregnancy from 6 inseminations, Jet Set D, motiliy only about 25% (although there have been foals here).

Ones that I have gotten pregnancies every time are Laptop, Alabaster, Elbundy. I mostly get first time with Budweiser (a couple have taken two inseminations. This semens is usually on 35% motile but very reliable for getting pregancies. Rabino has been pretty reliable.

I have served two mares with Weltrum (which is around 99% motile, but gotten no pregnancies, however I do know someone that has gotten 3/3 with him.

I have used lots of other stallions but the results are quite variable depending on the mare used, vet used etc.

I will say though that the chilled stats are pretty similar. I have received alot of chilled semen at 10%. Pretty useless for getting pregnancies.

25-09-04, 01:45 PM
1 dose of De Niro for a pregnancy and live foal!
3 goes of Jive Magic for nothing - lucky that the mare had the option of going to him live cover after all that!

25-09-04, 11:19 PM
Have used many stallions for a very varied result, all warmbloods.
I tend to use stallions which have frozen babies on the ground and I do change around vets (I use the one who gets results from that stallion)
Had one dismal failure brought six straws of "Argentinus" no positives. Brough another six again nothing, changed mares four times.
On the other hand "Olivi" is excellent 16 straws positive with two.
Rabino is also very good as is Rotspon.
As well as being mare dependant there is also the motile numbers per ml that are initally frozen and the motile rate post thaw. The type of extender used can create auto-antibodies (little helmets) over the sperm which prevent the penitration to the ova. The CSIRO does some reeally good testing for these.

28-09-04, 01:24 AM
Can you email me at trakehner@ihug.co.nz
I got the Lutz semen either 3 or 4 years ago, I gather the stores which I got mine from (East Coast) were lost when shipping back to Western Aust. , I think the owners have some frozen semen, but very limited amounts, so its not for sale...
I have another 2 straws somewhere here (I need to find out where they have gone) which I was saving for possible future use. :)
But I do have a Lutz/ Polarschnee / Ith filly (not for sale) who is a half sister to two Medium dressage horses (by Falkensee), so I have high hopes for her, both in the breeding paddock and under saddle :D