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26-09-04, 12:05 PM
Hi everyone

What would you concider to be "normal" vet fees in relation to live cover services? Having never bred a foal before, I find that I feel a little ignorant to these things. Also what is checked apart from obviously if she is positive in foal?

Does anyone know of any good sites for a first timer like myself??

Thanks for your help


28-09-04, 06:12 AM
Neville, with Live cover there should be no vet fees. The studmaster would just serve your mare when she shows in season. Do you mean you are looking at breeding AI, that involves a vet.

Or are you just asking about the Vet check you would do after the mare is served.

If it is the later, you would just get the vet to check that she is in foal, and that she is not carrying twins. You would probably pay around $150 for that depending on the amount of distance the vet has to travel.

29-09-04, 10:39 AM
Even live cover vet fee's are sometimes applicable. If your mare needs flushing before and after the service that costs $, if you need to pg or ovi-plant to ovulate then that all cost $. Even a oxitocin injection cost $. I would think that if this did occur then you will be spending around $150-200 per cycle and that will include scans. AI usually costs around $300 per cycle. Hope I helped!

29-09-04, 01:58 PM
AI...$300 per cycle...wow, what state are you in Supercrunch?

30-09-04, 02:04 PM
As a former stud manager at a large warmblood stud, we use to quote $300 per cycle so people wouldn't get shocked if they got a large vet bill. Usually $100 collection fee, insemination fee $50, pg $15, chorulon $15, ultra sound for folicle test $40 and flush if required at around $60 plus oxytocin injections $15 each x3. So as you can tell it all adds up so that's why we quote $300 to cover us. Oh and not to mention the killer of all costs, the vets travel and the much loved fee, the one just to look at our horse/s.

30-09-04, 10:42 PM
Guess it depends on how far away that vet is as to the travel costs.
And how many collections would occur for a fresh cycle?
And as you said the agistment is the killer.

01-10-04, 07:22 AM
There probably isn't any such thing as "normal". I have just had one mare with a positive preg test who cost me one scan to see if she was in season ... we served her two days later according to the likely size of the follicle, ovuplanted her and pregtested her two weeks later. Voila! That was two scans and an ovuplant, less than $200. Cheap at the price.
Another mare with a history of becoming infected after serving needed to be checked after each serve, in case flushing and oxytocin was required. Untreated infection equals unfriendly environment for fertilised egg, which means no foal!
The only way to avoid vet costs is to send your mare to a stallion that teases and paddock serves. And even then you will need to preg test with a scan to check that you have no twins. And if the mare doesn't go in foal, you will need to scan to see if there is a reason why, like fluid/infection.
Here at Byalee, Medallion is not allowed to cover a mare that has not been scanned as it would be extremely risky to his performance career to find out the hard way (her back legs) that she is no longer in season!! And serving every day or every second day that the mare is in season is a very labour-intensive, weight-losing process for the stallion who is in full dressage work and already serves up to 100 times a season.
Vet costs shouldn't be looked at as extras but as part of the cost of breeding a foal. Make them part of the initial budget and there will be no nasty surprises later on!

01-10-04, 11:55 AM
So are AI Technicans (not qualified vets) cheaper to use in a season than a vet.

I have noticed there are alot of them around, and most of the large studs do all the scanning themselves.
And are the AI centres, not run by vets the best way to go for cost effective breeding?

I pay alot of money to get my mares in foal and always have 'so so results' that is not brilliant for what I have paid, and sometimes nothing in a season except a huge dint in my wallet.
I am always looking for the cheapest way that gives me the results I need. While being careful with my girls and wallet.