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03-10-04, 07:17 AM
i have just found out that my Quarter horse broodmare is 6 months pregnant and i need a shelter asap. Well, i have appoximately 5 months and 11 days but i dont have alot of money at the moment and i am just wondering what are the best ideas for knock-up-in-a-day-sheds?

Thank you.

08-10-04, 02:14 PM
You can use shadecloth to good effect for sun protection, it's available from most hardware stores and is reasonably inexpensive.

A friend of mine recently 'knocked-up' a new paddock shelter by recycling old corrugated tin for the roof, and pallets for the walls, pinned together by some bracing timber. The uprights were already there, but you can use some recycled timber for the corner posts, they need to be a fair way into the ground and cemented in. Roof framework can also be made from recycled timber, make sure you brace all the corners so the structure is sound.

Ply is also fairly solid, you can pick that up fairly cheaply and it's ok for the walls, make sure you give it a coat of paint so it doesn't absorb any water, that will make it last quite a bit longer. Use solaguard or something like that which is used for outdoor timber.

08-10-04, 02:27 PM
Just re-read the Subject title, and realised you want something for foaling down? Bear in mind that most mares in Australia will foal down perfectly well in a clean paddock, in fact they prefer it, especially if they are paddocked most of the time. If you haven't got a safe, sound, fully enclosed stable, you're much better off having her foal in the paddock.

Don't expect your mare to foal down in the shelter, as she will probably prefer not to! I've just put straw down in my mare's paddock shelter and she likes to eat her dinner in there when it rains, but I have no doubt that she will foal down in the paddock, just like the other mare did last year!

09-10-04, 02:40 AM
Great answer from MandyE.

Dare I say though that even if you do have a safe, sound, fully-enclosed stable, pleeeeeease let your mare foal out in the paddock. I know what labour pains feel like and you need room to move during them.

I've heard, but never believed, that mares don't feel pain during labour. They just know better than to show it.

12-10-04, 08:32 AM
Another thing to remember is that mares will choose their spot months before they foal so please put her in the paddock you have chosen in at least 2 months time to give her plenty of time to choose.

12-10-04, 09:21 AM
I have never had a mare foal down in a stable before until sunday morning. All my mares are given the privacy of their own paddocks to 'pick' the spot at least a month or more before due date. This has always been 'their' choice as they either have 'walk in/out' boxes or single car ports in the paddock to go under.

This mare however, went almost a month over and decided to foal IN the walk in stable. Luckily there was no problem, but I did keep a close eye on the foal as it attempted to stand up, in case legs got caught in the post & rail.

Following on from my other thread we hit JACKPOT again with another stunning filly. This one is a red/bay with 4 white socks and very leggy. Stallion has yet again 'stamped' his foals. Mum ( a maiden) did a tremendous job and is nursing the foal with delight. We had a few issues such as a retained placenta, but a quick trip to the vet and a supply of drugs, oxytocin aided in the placenta eventually coming out clean. Foal has had its tet jab, antibiotics and enema. Both doing well and IM GETTING SOME SLEEP FINALLY. Till January when the next 2 mares are due to foal down!

12-10-04, 10:08 AM
Agree with letting them have a SAFE, CLEAN yard. All of mine have foaled on a slight slope too (GRAVITY?).

FETLOCK: CONGRATS!! now you can't winge if I get a girl next year! Am still waiting on FD: she's not due till 1-3 nov but ...

Am super keen to see what the clan look like....

12-10-04, 01:00 PM
Definately no whinging from me - my fingers are crossed YOU get a female superstar too in the next season. Ellie (aka new nick is "Jill") has bonded with Jack! - eat together, stand together, run together etc. She's putting back on the weight she dropped slightly when at AI - but now looking good again.

Looks like YOURE the one going to miss out on sleep soon ..hehehe :)

Puppies are all doing well too - male pup sold sight unseen :) that's 2 down and 2 to go! (easier than selling horses I might add)

Fingers crossed for a Pos PT this weekend. El sends her greetings - she'll be up your way tues - back here thurs I think.
PS. did you get the email re: angle float?

12-10-04, 01:19 PM
Yep, have emailed you.

Maybe I should breed dogs? Nah, nothin' cept great dane's to ride then and they have smelly farts (well, one that lived next door to use once did!)

Fingers xed indeed!! Glad to hear miss muffet is happy a little vegemite.

Chat later! :D