View Full Version : Breeding on foal heat?? Bill?

Fine Cotton
14-10-04, 02:11 AM
A couple of years ago there was a question on the forum about breeding on foal heat and Bill came up with a very good reply which I can't quite remember.

Was it wait a further ten days after foal heat then PG? So one would be PG'ing roughly 19 days after birth? Can't quite remember what the answer was and would appreciate the knowledge!

Thanks to anyone and Bill if they can help here. :-)

14-10-04, 03:44 AM
acording to the repo courses held at Goulburn Valley vets... foal heat breeding has a much higher rate of early embryonic loss than short cycling or waiting for next cycle...sorry cant remember actual figures but it was significant!

14-10-04, 01:21 PM
I am having my mare AI'd with frozen semen this year and she is not due until the end of November. GVEH recommended that she be PG'd at 20 days post foaling to short cycle and avoid foal heat.

There is the higher chance of early embryonic death when mares are bred on foal heat, and it can also only really be done if the mare has foaled without problems and cleaned up well. I used to work on a stud where Angus McKinnon was the stud vet and he said that on average you get mares in foal earlier if you miss the foal heat and short cycle them.

14-10-04, 02:33 PM
Our mares are bred on foal heat, frozen, fresh or chilled, and there are no losses early. How-ever they are only bred on foal heat if the foaling has been uncomplicated and the mare cleaned up well.
If the foal heat is missed, the mare is given PG 21 days after foaling, counting the first sun rise on the foal. There are no early losses either way.