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14-10-04, 10:39 AM
Can anyone offer me any suggestions.

I have a 4 yo mare spent the whole of last season at stud and came home empty. Every time she produces a follicle she bring a cyst along with it hence no foal.

This year where doing her a home she's been underlights cycling fine until the season starts a whamo back come the cysts.

Her hormone levels are fine, swabbed, we've even checked her thyroid she's healthy as covered in dapples.
Done all the usual things let let drop off over winter and had her on rising grade of nutrition, drenched wormed teeth etc etc
Had dropped her winter coat by 1st week August and started cycling a week later.
Whether we short cycle her or let her come in season on her own accord the cysts at some stage show up again.

has anyone got any suggestions any would be appreciated as I would love to get just one foal out of her.

14-10-04, 12:16 PM
Contact Angus McKinnon at Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital, 58 299 566. As far as I know he is the pre imminent equine 'obstetrician & gynaecologist'.

14-10-04, 02:27 PM
You are not being well informed here.
Cysts do not come with a follicle. They are there all the time.
Many mares have cysts in the uterus or on an ovary. But they do not appear when the mare produces a follicle.
Sometimes a follicle can bleed back which is an an-ovulatory follicle, but it is not cystic. If the complete ovary is cystic it can be felt or if the amre is being scanned viewed. This also does not mean the amre won't go into foal, just not with that ovary.
I know of many mares with five or six cysts in the uterus body or horns and they go in foal and produce to term. The diagnosis of pregancy is made harder, so it is best to measure the cysts and mark there location for furture reference.
But cysts do not appear with the follicles then disappaer again, they are always there. something is a-miss, get someone else to scan the mare from before she comes in season to after ovulation.