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21-10-04, 12:52 AM
I need some help......please.

I have two mares due to foal, one being a maiden. They are due some time apart.

First I cannot afford to buy a new one.

I would like to purchase a second hand one, I only need one pouch but will take whatever I an get.
I can only afford to pay $400 to $450.
Any state.

I have contacted Magic Breed and thier second-hand/rental systems are out of range.
Please e-mail me at the folowing
I am located in Queensland.

23-10-04, 05:36 AM
Hi Kota,

I'm in the same situation as you, only my first mare foaled down Tuesday night.

I'd recommend the Foal Watch predictor kit, where you test the mare's milk prior to delivery, where the test will indicate if there's a sudden rise in calcium content of the colostrum, which indicates the mare will foal within a certain amount of time - or not, if the calcium level isn't high.

My mare ran her milk out over the weekend so we had to milk her out before she lost all her colostrum, and a friend bought over a Foal watch and we did a test on Tuesday evening, which indicated she would probably foal within 12 hours, well she foaled 6 hours later at 1am and I was able to attend the birth 'cos I was watching her hourly thanks to the foal test kit, and we got the stored colostrum into the foal by bottle. Prior to doing the test, I'd been up for 4 nights in a row, as I was SURE she would foal on Friday or Saturday, given the amount of milk she was running!

The cost is much more reasonable than foaling alarms, and you get enough for 20 tests, and usually you can use 3 or 4, sometimes as few as 2 per mare, depending on how well you know the mare. The kit costs $130 plus gst, and includes freight.

The kits are available through Edwards, they advertise in Horse Deals and I got their number from that. In the October edition their ad is in the Foal Care section - rather appropriate I thought, lol!

Good luck,


23-10-04, 10:39 AM
Thanks Mandy,

I have a alarm now so I can calm down alittle.