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28-10-04, 03:23 PM
Hi everyone, I'm interested to hear what you all might think on this one. I sent my mare to stud a month ago, she'd been away from home so I hadn't been able to watch her behaviour and see if she'd come in at all. Anyway she hasn't come into season yet. She's 19 y.o. TB, been empty since 2002, had cycled regularly when she was at home (lets everybody jump her) and I sent her away with the shortest, shiniest coat. The stud scanned her the other week and said that her ovaries were still inactive, they've PG'd her twice with no result, and have now said they will leave her 2 weeks, then PG her again and if that doesn't bring her in the vet has talked about bleeding her which I don't know a lot about in regards to breeding ! This horse had had 7 foals and breeds well usually etc. I saw her on the weekend and she is sulking big time. Maybe she will come in shortly-hopefully! I need some thoughts and advice, maybe some of you have had a similar experience, thanks and cheers, Kat. Sorry about the long post.

28-10-04, 11:31 PM
If the stallion is not too far away from home you could possibly bring the mare home (if you say that she is cycling at home) and have her regularly scanned at home and then when she is ready to be served take her straight to the stud for serving. She might be happier this way and less stressed. (It will also save you a lot of money in agistment).

Good luck.

29-10-04, 05:22 AM
Firstly, I would like to comment on the fact that the stud has said that the mare has no ovarian activity, but have PG'd her. Well if there is no activity ie no CL presnet then PG doesnt do anything at all. it will not make them cycle, it only helps the vet control the cycle that is there. If there is no CL then giving the PG is a waste of money. If there is a CL present then she may just not be cycleing correctly. They can give regumate to try and see if that brings the mare in season.

If you have seen here in season at home then it may be best for you to bring here back home and perhaps use AI if that is possible or take her back when she is in season.

I have had the opposite problem. I have a mare that will not cycle, however if she travels in a float for a couple of hours that will make her cycle for one cycle only, then she stops cycling again.

30-10-04, 09:42 AM
Thanks for the input guys. EA, I've been doing some reading and was thinking along your lines. When I dropped in to the stud last weekend I suggested maybe she needed a blood test to get exact hormone levels and that perhaps she needed progesterone as opposed to PG, for that reason that PG will do nothing if theres nothing for it to work on. I am an amateur at this but am trying to learn a little bit, so realistically if PG won't work then I really don't think bleeding will either somehow. Will ring tonight and push for progesterone again.

30-10-04, 09:44 AM
Sorry forgot to say TK that stallion is 3 hours away by float, if mare won't breed in the next few weeks I am just going to leave it.

04-11-04, 08:34 AM
Mavis75, to be honest it is pretty early in the season (I guess unless you are breeding TB's) Some mares will not start cycleing until late October anyway, and it is not uncommmon for it to be November before they are cycleing correctly. If the agistment is not expensive leave here there a few weeks and see what happens, otherwise bring her home and take her back in one months time. Perhaps get your local vet to scan her before you take her there again to see if she is actually cycling yet. We dont usually even bother sending mares away to breed until Mid November as I remember once transporting 3 mares 2.5 hours away mid October only to be told by the vet that they were not cycling yet and I needed to come and take them home. I took them back three weeks later and everything was fine.