View Full Version : Help! Foal on the way & not a clue.

02-11-04, 11:59 AM
As of yesterday I have found myself with a TB mare who is 4 weeks off foaling. Never thought I'd find myself in the 'Breeding' forum.

I have zero experience with breeding/foaling and was hoping for some fundamental advice. Firstly I am after recommendations of appropriate feed/supplements etc. for her at this late stage of her pregnancy.

I am madly reading anything I can get my hands on but would really appreciate some pointers, also I'd like some advice as to symptoms to watch for of things going wrong (born pessimist here).

She has been unsettled and unhappy since arriving yesterday & I am so worried about her. I probably have no grounds too be, but this is a whole new side of horsemanship to me and I don't feel confident enough in my knowledge/skills when it comes to this. First freak out was that she slipped over backing out of the float and went down on her knees on the ramp a couple of times before managing to stand up. She is HUGE in the belly, I thought she'd never get up.

Hope someone has time to help me out here, thanks so much in advance.

(Oh, and aside from being worried sick I'm SO excited about it! I can absolutely see how you'd get hooked on breeding.)

02-11-04, 12:23 PM
Bek, have sent you a PM. Pls call after 9pm( off computer by then). Look forward to talking to you. Cheers.

02-11-04, 01:20 PM
OK. Deep breath! Panicing won't help.

Is she up to date with needles/worming? Body Condition?

Paddock - clean EXTRA SAFE, sheltered from hot sun/rain if need be?

Maybe get her another horse to bond with over the fence?

If you've got any other concerns, PM me.

Oh, and Ron and Val Males book "Foaling" is FABOULOUS. Try Ebay, amazon.com etc

03-11-04, 08:36 AM
Hey, like written on the cover of the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy, in big friendly letters, DON'T PANIC. Help is around. There is a woman in Yellingbo who foals down outside horses - really good set-up - and not a commercial stud. And there is another woman, with very similar standards, who comes out to the owner's property to keep an eye on things. Both are very good and knowledgable about foaling.
And you are right, it is very nerve-wracking and extremely exciting. Hope all goes well.

04-11-04, 02:40 AM
Hey Bek, has your mare settled down yet? Please keep us (well me - I'm always interested in preggie mares) posted as to her and your progress. Good luck. P

06-11-04, 07:04 AM
Hey syzygy, who is this woman in yellingbo???? Anoyone over that way-do you know anything about the appaloosa stallion that lives on the corner of the Yellingbo store????????

06-11-04, 12:56 PM
Jan Miller. Don't know of the stallion. Bek, How are you doing with the mare? Has your brain exploded from an overload of info yet!?!

06-11-04, 01:31 PM
Wanted to thank everyone for their help , private messages (or should I say essays??).

Yep, total overload of info now.. The farrier came out today to give her the once over. She was an angel, has a touch of seedy toe but she's ok.

She seems to be settling in slowly. I should intorduce her I guess, her name is Echo of Dawn, just 'Dawn' to her friends, and she's a real Dawn. She gets around like she's fairly uncomfortable, was busting to roll today and deliberated about it for ages. I think she was as worried as I was that she might not be able to heave herself up again. Is it obvious that I wasted half the day watching her through the window?! Nothing much getting done around here. Maybe that's why she walks around like she's uncomfortable, maybe she can feel my stare everywhere she goes.

The farrier said that I can ring him anytime, day or night if I need moral support, which I appreciate. I guess a panic shared is a panic halved?

We had 55 mm of rain today so it's very slippery here. It's been so dry that the rain just sits on top of the paddocks. She's tip-toeing around though very sensibly.

I now have to get the fencer out to run another bottom wire around the fence as the farrier thinks there's enough gap for a foal to roll out. I'm right on the highway so I don't need that drama.

Anyhow, will keep you posted. Thanks again, it's good to be able to off load all this drivel that anyone else would think was just drivel..if you know what I mean???

07-11-04, 10:17 AM
Sorry, I get a bit long-winded sometimes. At moment, well I've come in to get dry clothes, I am digging drains in an attempt to save my house from flooding - I am on a hill right near to a river. Water everywhere - try to keep you mare away from puddles, they love drowning their foals.

13-11-04, 01:10 AM
Morning, Bek, Just wondering how your girl is doing? And very interested to know who your helpful farrier is - sounds like a rare person. If he is around the Melbourne area, would you consider giving me a contact for him? Sounds like an excellent back-up in emergencies. Hope all is well with your mare. P

03-12-04, 07:42 AM
Hi all...guess what?? New baby arrived yesterday, right in front of my eyes!

The mare was not due till Sat. so I wasn't really expecting it. I went into the paddock for my daily 'pick up the poo' ritual and noticed the mare looked a bit strange. She was walking in circles like she was thinking about lying down and doing the lip in the air thing. I looked at her bag and there was a drop of milk on a nipple, looked at her girly bits and they had gone all floppy. Geez, my heart started racing then! None of these symptoms were there when I'd fed her a couple of hours earlier.

She went down and had a few huge contractions, got the head and forelegs out, had a rest, a few more contractions, and out came a BEAUTIFUL & HUGE colt foal. Three white socks and a blaze, how lucky am I?? She's been a great mum so far and he seems well. Man, that afterbirth is massive, and heavy!

I have got nothing done around here as I feel like if I take my eyes off them something will go wrong. Amazing how responsible I feel for them both, it's surprised me. Other thing I want to know...how do you bring yourself to sell a horse you watched enter the world!?

I am in awe of the mare, what a job well done. If only it was so easy for us people.

She had it in the middle of the day, as close to the fence/other horses as she could have got. I had her in a paddock with a nice treed, private spot but no, true exhibitionist. As soon as the foal came out the other mares were doing that lovely soft nickering they do, even the little old Shettie. Gotta love 'em at times don't you.

Now I have a whole new set of possibilities to worry about don't I!

03-12-04, 08:55 AM
Yahoo, congratulations!!! People laugh at me when I say, in such a scientific way, along with other signs, "they look funny...". Mares are marvellous aren't they. You must prepare for the worst and expect the best. Wonderful news, I had been wondering how you were doing. Cheers, P