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11-11-04, 03:58 AM
Hi guys, would love to know more about the above mentioned stallion. Would like to know about his breeding, and his jumping career. Thanks!

17-11-04, 11:16 AM
Blue Peter was a Champion English Racehorse. He also the grandsire of "Ladykiller" http://www.horsemagazine.com/BREEDINGBARN/GREAT_STALLIONS/ladykiller/ladkiller.html (hope that link worked)

His bloodlines are also highly regarded as influential showjumping lines.

I hope this if of some help. If not just type "Blue Peter" thoroughbred into google.com


21-11-04, 06:37 AM
Blue Peter is one of the great TB performance sires, he can be found through alot of the holstein bred jumping horses, such as Lord, Littorio, etc. If you look up jumping horses pedigrees you will see it as the Ladykiller line.
If you have a mare with Blue Peter in the pedigree, it should be a good one to breed with.
I only use TB mares that have a double cross of Blue Peter, or Precipitation, which is the Furioso line.
Preferably they will have a double cross of both horses, or a double cross of one, with the other present in the pedigree. I also like the Tudor Minstrel line, and look for mares with all three present.
There are lots of good TB performance lines, and Blue Peter is one of the best.