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22-11-04, 01:38 PM
I was wondering if possible to have your mares eggs frozen if so how much does this cost and is this possible is australia

23-11-04, 07:36 AM
Hi Alic

yes they do this in australia and yes it is expensive I know a person that does this

02-12-04, 04:48 AM

I know Susie Duddy did it with Donna Carrera a few years ago. She is an imported mare and a top competition horse (Heath Ryan rides her now) so they wanted to keep her in work and still get a top foal. I think the vet clinic at Muswellbrook (Hunter Valley NSW) does it and I am sure many other good reproductive vets can also do it. I believe the one at Muswellbrook uses ex- trotter mares as the surrogate mums. For best results I believe you pay for the use of 3 mares to ensure you have at least one that cycles at the same time as your mare. We looked into it a few years ago so my memory isn't very clear on all the details but I believe it was quite expensive. We decided that we would only do it if we had a very well bred mare who was also achieveing very good performance results.

Hope this helps