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26-11-04, 09:09 AM
well only 7 days to go to see if it worked again after very much time and trouble, my mare has finally been bred to Wie Weltmeyer this pregnancy has cost a lot of money and time so if we do have a baby I don't think that i could sell it as it would be worth a small fortune, if this doesn't work i am going to try with Man About Town as I have the semen for him too( hope I don't have to use that this time)

29-11-04, 02:56 PM
I know how nerve racking it can be. We have had good success with chilled semen but are using frozen for the first time this year. If you get the mare in first go you're laughing but three strikes and you're out! I wish you luck.

29-11-04, 03:55 PM
Hi Matavia

this is the second time (season) that we have tried, the first was a disaster, some people don't understand that because it doesn't happen the first time, they think that you just send your mare over and it doesn't cost anymore than the semen, not so. Have you had any success this year with the frozen and which stallion are you using.
I will wish you luck also


30-11-04, 09:01 AM
Dear giggles,
We have a mare by Pommery that we are trying to Don Schufro this year. I really wanted the Donerhall Pik Bube cross. She had a Riverdance foal last season as her first (He won best colt foal on Hanoverian tour!) and as he was so great we thought it was worth the risk of using frozen semen. We have paid for the semen but haven't actually inseminated yet. Will be in the next few weeks.

30-11-04, 01:43 PM
Hi again matavia

yes I know of riverdance and love Don Schufro he is very nice, I hope you have success. We were just unlucky to get not so good semen infact very poor semen, but I will know whether she is in foal this week sometime, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. could you keep me posted as to whether your mare goes in foal and I will keep my fingers crossed for you to

04-12-04, 08:30 AM
well just letting you all know that it didn't work AGAIN so we are going with Man About Town, I did really want to save that for a Salute filly for when she was old enough but that isnt going to happen, I doubt if there are any Wie Weltmeyer on the ground in Australia and not really suprised at the quality of the semen, I think next time I will be a little wiser and choose more carefully, they are inseminating my mare today with the MAT semen today so I have to keep my fingers crossed again

04-12-04, 09:47 AM
I do know of a Wie Weltmeyer gelding near Canberra coming up to 2 years old. I sympathise with you, breeding is a costly frustrating game at times and I myself have decided not to do it anymore. My last foaling the mare had a rectal vaginal tear and it cost me alot of dollars to repair. Good luck to all breeders its a difficult and risky business. Its a shame the buyers don't appreciate the real cost of producing offspring!

04-12-04, 11:27 AM
Giggles if you have just had the two week scan done - negative preg test that you have just received/told us about. So why are they inseminating your mare today, she should still be a week off from insemination unless she has cycling problems.

Frozen semen is an expensive process. I tried my young fertile mare with semen from a stallion that is known to get positives on the first try. We had three tries for nothing, but as soon as the mare was tried with another stallion she went in first try (also frozen). Sometimes it is just that that mare will not go with that stallion, maybe due to the extender that is being used. I can't blame the stallion as he has been known to get positives, I can't blame the mare as she has a great breeding history and I can't blame the vet, as he knows what he is doing. Sometimes it just happens that way. That is breeding and frozen semen!

If there was a problem with the quality of the semen then you should have contacted the supplier and provided them with full details, and they would have helped you out. In my experience (and the experience of a number of other people that I know) WP are very good to deal with and are very honest about the quality of the semen that they sell.

Good luck with the MAT semen it sounds as if you need some.

04-12-04, 02:50 PM
Hi Dutch

I found out today, I am sorry that I didn't explain properly, she was scanned a few days ago, and yes you are right when you said that the cycling was strange, but with the weather we have had and there are a lot of mares doing the same thing as her, she has had one foal and we have retained that one, very exceptional, the AI teq is one of the first ones in australia to do this and she travels overseas every 6 months so she is not new to this, and very competent.

with the supplier, well this is the second time with the same stallion and I don't want to go into that

thankyou for your wishes and will let you know how we go will have to keep our fingers crossed


01-01-05, 02:34 AM
hello everyone

SHE IS PREGNANT................I got the good news yesterday and she is in foal to Man About Town,,,,,,,,now I have the nerve racking waiting period ..........November 2005 I just hope that everything goes ok..she will go away to have her foal to the equine hospital.. I just can't wait

happy new year everyone

01-01-05, 06:34 AM
congrats giggles :D

'tis a nice feeling isn't it?

01-01-05, 07:14 AM
thank you Integrity

yes it is a nice feeling especially after all we have been through with this poor mare. once again thank you