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26-11-04, 05:50 PM
I'm thinking of purchasing a broodmare (either WB or TB) to cross with a WB stallion. I'm hoping to breed a foal that I will be able to compete with (dressage) a few years down the track.

I'm wondering what price range i can expect to pay for a good quality broodmare? I dont' mind if the mare is unbroken/injured/older etc as I'm not looking for a riding horse.


27-11-04, 02:00 AM
There is such a huge range out there, it is impossible to give a precise answer.
I have paid a goodly amount for young, lovely mares of 'popular' bloodlines, but my best mare that is producing 'superstar' potential foals was bought as a young, unbroken lady in a batch with her mother and others. Her share of the purchase would have been around $2-3000.
As you point out, you will probably get a better mare for your money if she carries a injury etc. Be careful of the old mare as she may have been culled for good reason.
Be aware that many riders plan to breed a horse for themselves later on and end up dissapointed. It can be very expensive, and no guarantee that you will have your 'dream horse' (or sometimes, any) down the line. Sometimes it is better to save up for the same amount of time and buy something where you can already see what you've got. Or breed with the attitude of 'I am going to breed the best foals I can, that will sell in a competitive market' and hopfully you will get the one you want and keep it.

02-12-04, 04:57 AM
Dear Trinity,

I agree with everything improv says. Will expand a little. We were very lucky with a very well bred older mare but we still paid $8000 in foal to an imported stallion. She was 16yo when we made the purchase. We got the first foal plus another both by chilled semen before we sold her on to a breeder with their own stallion. Be aware that breeding older mares to frozen semen is not at all reccommended.

We have also bought a very young well bred mare with an injury for a good price and used thoroughbred mares. The rule of thumb I think is that you generally do get what you pay for but if you are prepared to wait you might get lucky. My advice if possible is to buy a young mare or a foal with excellent breeding and conformation and wait until breeding age or look for something with a good performance history. These days you need looks, conformation, temprement and good breeding.


03-12-04, 06:53 AM
I'm absolutely no expert at all with breeding - see my post "thinking of breeding next season" - but from the people I've spoken to so far this is what I've ascertained.

You need to decide whether your breeding purely for yourself or breeding for commercial saleability (sp?) This makes a huge difference. If you're going for future sales prices then you'd probably want to look around for a good quality WB mare which will complement your WB stallion and therefore you'll pay more for that mare.

If you're just breeding for yourself then you can probably pick up a nice looking TB mare at a sale eg Inglis are having a small December sale in Melb soon - If they have a nice temperament and good confirmation then you'd probably do just as well with that and breed a nice horse for yourself which hasn't cost you an arm and a leg for the Broodmare.