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06-12-04, 05:22 AM
I am very excited that my vet introduced me to a new procedure where they inseminate very close to the follicle and therefore only need a straw of frozen semen instead of a full dose!
So I gave it a go with my maiden WB mare and she got in foal.
I have spent so much $ over the years on vet bills and frozen semen that hasn't worked - so at last I got a frozen semen pregnancy without paying and using heaps of the stallion's 3 doses.

07-12-04, 09:10 AM
I did the low dose insemination (they use an endoscope to place the semen right at the junction of the oviduct & the uterus) last season & it still took 2 cycles to get mare in foal ...not foolproof, still need decent post thaw semen, good vet services & fertile mare.

Good luck

10-12-04, 03:48 AM
Not sure there are any statistics to support that this method is better than the traditional frozen breed. In most cases owners will not supply more than the three service certificates anyway.

Personally I would not bother using this method, just using a Good vet in the first place gives you the best chance of success

10-12-04, 12:32 PM
Hi EA,
The statistics using Endoscopic Insemination (EI) compared to normal AI are proving to be the same at this stage although it is still early days. We believe that it will prove to be better as time goes on and more mares are EI. At this point we would suggest the technique offers a conception rate equal to that of AI using doses of between 1/50th and 1/10th the dose of semen normally used (ie. >= 5 million progressively motile spermatozoa).

It is always important to use a "good Vet" when ever you need one! The main advantage of EI is it allows you to have more attempts to get you mares pregnant from the semen provided. You do not need to purchase 3 doses of a stallion - this has always been a misconception in the industry. You can purchase just one dose of a stallion whether it is from Waterview Park, IHB or 4 Aces. Waterview Park will allow you one service certificate per dose as well as the ability to then purchase, at $25/certificate, as many other certificates as you have the good fortune to create pregnancies! This is not the case with IHB but in their case you can still purchase another dose to get another Service Cert.
For instance, KT purchased one straw (1/3rd of a dose) of the stallion Lord Sinclair (LS dose is 3 straws). She was lucky enough to get a pregnancy with that straw and will be able to buy, from Waterview Park, a Service Certificate for $25.00. We have a number of mares that have conceived this season to one straw of a dose of a range of stallions from Germany. We have another client who purchased 3 doses of Lord Sinclair (9 straws) and have used 2 straws in two maiden T/B's for two pregnancies. We have had success with other mares using Celle stallions (8 straws per dose) with using just one straw.
The most important and best thing about EI is that you are able to get more chances per dose purchased! Say with a Celle stallion, you have 8 chances from one dose rather than just one. We will keep in touch with the forum towards the end of the season to tell readers of our success rate.

The choice of stallion (his ability to convert frozen semen into pregnanies) is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING we would recommend that you consider when deciding to use frozen semen. There is no dought that some stallions are better than others. If you have a good fertile mare, all the poor semen in the world will not get her in foal whether we use EI or AI unless you are very lucky! Remember, the average frozen semen per-cycle conception rate of 37-40% is made up of 2 distinct groups of stallions: 1. those with good fertility (60 to 80%) 2. those with lousy fertility (0 to 20%). If you choose a group 2 stallion you are in for some major disappointment (I know - I've used a few! I can name names in private). Ask your semen supplier what the stats are for the horse you are interested in and ask for referrals to those who have used the semen before.

To summarise what EI can do for you:
1. It offers conception rates equivalent to full doses delivered by AI
2. EI requires only a single straw of semen to be used
The contractual obligations you have to your semen provider remain and should be considered in the equation. The EI process is quick in experienced hands, is only marginally more invasive than artificial insemination, and the mare is tranquilized to facilitate the process.