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11-12-04, 12:10 PM
Hi guys,

My mare is by a stallion who I adore in all aspects, and from whom she has inherited many good traits from - one being this amazing "floating" trot. I have been looking for a 'husband' for her for several years now with the intention of breeding her next year. I have looked at hundreds of stallions but always end up coming back to one - who happens to be a half (or 3/4) brother to my mare. I have always thought this cross would be too dangerous and moved on, but today I find myself again wondering what more experienced breeders would think about this type of cross.

Having read a bit on inbreeding I realise you have to seriously know your bloodlines and what bad bits can be thrown up, as it seems if they are there they are only highlighted by inbreeding. If this breeding were to work I think it could be something very special, seeing as sons & daughters of this sire are winning some of the highest accolades all over the country.

Basically the cross I'm looking at is both horses are by Sire A, different dams but the dams are both by Sire B, which I imagine makes them 3/4 siblings. The great grand-dam's of both horses (dam's dam's dam) of both horses are not related.

So please, what is your honest opinion of this cross? I would also be very keen to hear of anyone who has attempted something similar.

11-12-04, 03:08 PM
Horses have been bred this closely before, but not usually in recent times. Would you consider sending me info (the breeding) of the horses involved, preferably by email or pm. I am extremely interested in 'pattern' breeding. What breed horse are you talking about? P

14-12-04, 06:21 AM
Chase, in all honesty there are so many wonderful stallions available by Frozen Semen now, I would not bother with such crosses. Apart from the obvious risks of breeding in the bad points, you also have to deal with the stigma that people will associate with the inbreeding. the foal may end up fantastic but people will look at the pedigree and frown at the inbreeding, potentially giving you less value for the foal. If it is not being bred as a commercial proposition then really you can what you like if you can live with the results, good or bad.

17-12-04, 10:10 AM
Thanks for your responses. I have decided it isn't worth the risk and as EA states, it isn't necessary with access to so many stallions. The plans for this foal may be commercial (likely to keep a filly but a colt would be gelded & sold), so probably best to play it safe. I didn't really consider the stigma aspect but I can just imagine.

Avril. (back to stallion hunting!)

18-12-04, 05:43 AM
Tell us what type of mare you have and what you want to breed maybe people can make some suggestions for you.