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18-12-04, 02:21 PM
Hey there

I need some help and advice. We have a pregnant mare who started producing milk. Any advice on how long till she foals?


18-12-04, 02:40 PM
Hi Mac_e_dee

that can happen to some mares a couple of weeks before she is due, what does her teats look like are the pointing outward or down, is she soft around her rump, there are a few tell tale signs as to when she will foal, is this your first foal


19-12-04, 03:09 AM
As Giggles said, but aren't you in touch with a Vet. This sounds like a first for you and you would be ill-advised to tackle it on your lonesome. Talk to you Vet or get an experienced friend to come as 'babysitter'. P

19-12-04, 05:04 PM
is the mare dripping milk (5 minutes to 5 days!)or just starting to fill the bag (5 days to 5 weeks!)?