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18-12-04, 03:35 PM

excited is the understatement, as the 45 day test passes and the mare arrives home.

But now the anticipation, nervousness and worry starts......am i feeding her the right things?

Is she happy on an abundance of clean grass and fresh clean water....why can't she talk and tell me how she feels????

Truly, would appreciate other peoples (no doubt more experienced than I, as this is the first!) views on feeding pregnant mares, and how if at all that feeding regime alters as the pregnancy continues.

Is it likely she will want (read demand!) Ice Cream & Tomato Sauce as the birth draws near ????

Appreciate any feedback,


Alfie 1

19-12-04, 03:15 AM
Mares don't usually get cravings! But my old mare during her last pregnancy refused to eat anything (excepting grass of course) but one particular variety of oats - Echnida!!
Feed her normally and simply - a balanced diet and maybe add a good quality multi vitamin (WITHOUT chromium). Do not get her fat, Speak to you Vet for more detailed advice. Very important not to overfeed her - better she be a little bit on the light side than plump. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If she get too fat you will increase the likelihood of leg and joint problems in the foal.
Good luck with her and keep us all (well me at least) posted. Pagan

20-12-04, 01:21 PM
Pagan what effect does chromium have on a pregnant mare?