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29-12-04, 12:31 PM
Can other breeders tell me and even email me pics of what set up they have to cover large mares with small pony stallions?
We use a purpose built ditch but am curious to how others go about it and how successful/safe different set ups have been

Jamiru Pony Stud

31-12-04, 07:17 AM

Mum has an 11h polouse stallion. I have a 15.2 1/2 mare and she's about to pop any day now! How he did it? We don't watch or have a clue, but the terrain is a bit hilly. Obviously they had a chat about the problem, because her 14.1h mare is also close to foaling. I think he sighed with relief when Mum gave him a miniture! lol
Seriously, we never wondered if they would get pregnant, just when the foals would be due!
By the way, what sort of ponies do you have?

31-12-04, 10:02 AM
Hi Esse,
I'm afraid I'm not prepared to turn them out together! I breed welsh A ponies but have had a couple of bigger outside mares in. The first one was 13hh and no problem, we just stood her in a ditch. The next one is 14.3 and we are purpose building a grave style ditch but I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas.
Jamiru Pony Stud

31-12-04, 01:55 PM
Try the ditch method. The height difference sounds much like Mum's lot. I spoke to her and she said that her boy just stood on a bit of a hillock, almost like a stepstool and did what he knew best. Apparently, she was very patient while he got his act together and she was a maiden mare.
This type of breeding must work because a pony I had for 20yrs was a welsh x arab and came from a stud specialing in this cross for driving. My guy was superb in harness, but a bit of a pig under saddle! Hope this helps a bit more.