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05-01-05, 05:57 AM
we are only new to the stallion owner breeder thing- and would be interested to know how other breeders can tell when mare are in season. - do some mares not show as much as others??? Most of the mares we have covered this season have been pretty obverse- but we have an outside mare that has been at our house for almost three weeks and is showing no mormal signs, when ever we take her up to the stallion- all we get is her squeling and rearing at hi, she turns her bum to him, but thats it, no weeing.
Could she just show less than other mares - i dont want to miss her cycle and have to keep her away from her owner (WHO IS MISSING HER ALOT) any longer than nessecary.

05-01-05, 01:26 PM
One little trick I employ on mares who are a bit shy is to check the pinkness of her... well... pink bits. The colour changes from very pale to more the colour of smoked salmon when the mare comes into season. It helps if the mare is happy for you to poke around under her tail, but I find it much easier than teasing, especially for mares who are foal proud or dry mares who are a bit timid.

05-01-05, 04:06 PM
some mares will 'shut down' in new situations and may need teasing for four weeks or so. Once the mares have gone well and truely beyond when they should have come into season, and they're still trying to belt the bejezus out of the stallion, that's when we speak to the mare owner and suggest that its time to get the vet in.

As a breeder, your vet is your best friend (because you'll be paying for his holidays, house and children's education).

If the mare doesn't want the stallion, do you really want to deal with being injured? injury to you or to the stallion?

There are multitudes of reasons why some mares don't show, and your vet is your best person to speak to.