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12-01-05, 05:39 AM
Hi i'm after any information or photos to do with Kirreway Rumours and Sarowan Park Syrus. Thanks :)

12-01-05, 03:43 PM
Hi Urbula,
Kirreway Rumours is by Keston Royal Occasion, and out of Kirreway Nativity.

Sarowan Park Syrus is by Sarowan Park Centafold, and out of Maggies Motto. There is a photo of Sarowan Park Syrus on the Buckskin web site i think its in the photo gallery, try this link www.nbs.org.au/nbs/

cheers tena

13-01-05, 11:44 AM
Thanks heaps tena,

My 2yo is also by Sarowan Park Centafold out of Maggies Motto and is a full brother to Sarowan park Syrus. I was very curious to see what his brother looked like.

Do you know were I could find any photos of kirreway Rumours or Keston Royal Occasion? Sarowan Park Centafold is by Kirreway Rumours and i would love to see what he looks like.

Thanks again :)

13-01-05, 03:15 PM
Hi urbula,
I dont where there are any photos of Kirreway Rumours, but there is a photo of Keston Royal Occasion on this site www.mirindstud.com/ he is on the opening page. I will keep my eyes open for a photo of Kirreway Rumours and if i find one i will let you know.

Cheers Tena

19-01-05, 01:21 PM
Hi Urbula,

Kirreway Rumours died a few years back. He was a very unusual palomino colour, & was Ch. Welsh B stallion at Melb Royal. I think there is a pic of him in an old Welsh journal, but sorry, can't remember which one.

I actually have three progeny of Rumours dam, Kirreway Nativity.
Nativity is a beautiful buckskin mare, still going strong in her mid twenties.


19-01-05, 03:03 PM
Thanks Amanda that clears a few things up for me.

13-02-05, 07:04 PM
If you want any info on Sarowan Park Sentafold, Drop me a line as he lives with me, He is our stud stallion and happy to help you with any information. Also Have pics you might be interested in.

16-02-05, 07:26 AM
Thanks rick. I bought Siabb off you late 2003, but have lost your email and phone number.

Do you have any pics of Maggie's Motto? Pics of Sarowan Park Sentafold would be great to. Any info on her and her breeding would be greatly appreciated to. :)

27-02-05, 07:30 PM
Hi Tegan,
my email is sarowan@bigpond.com.au
hope to hear from you soon,