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12-01-05, 07:48 AM
It is only now that I can ask for help without crying. My mare had my Whisper foal at midnight on the 20/12/04, sadly my foal died and I had to have my Mare put down. Kerry Mack has kindly allowed me to wait until the coming season to use the service, however I have no mare and no money buy one. If there is anyone out there that has a good proven mare that will be available to use in the coming season I would be very much appreciated. Please help!!

12-01-05, 05:47 PM
Oh Sarah, I was so very sorry to hear of your loss, it must have been such a hard time for you and I am very sad for you both.

Take heart, good things do happen to good people.

I have one more mare to put in foal this year, however it depends on whether the first two mares both get in to frozen semen. If either or both don't take, then I will be re-inseminating both of them, and the other mare will be left empty for this year - only due to having to budget for our vet fees.

If this happens, I would be more than happy to let you use her for this season for a foal for next season. Send me an email so we can keep in touch - my first mare is being scanned on Friday, the second one 10 days later.

Take care, hugs to you and Brent, and hope to talk to you soon, may see you at Rally later this month?


13-01-05, 02:40 AM
I may be able to assist you - depends on what you're looking for?!! Feel free to email me simoneronen@yahoo.com.au

13-01-05, 05:13 AM
Sarah, sorry to hear about the loss of both the mare and foal. We lost several foals and nearly a mare this season, which is just a big reminder of how risky this business really is and how wrong it can go.

Where are you and what type of mare are you looking for.

14-01-05, 05:09 AM
Hi EA,

Thanks for your post. I am close to Yarra Glen, Victoria.

Yes it is a risky business. This was to be my last foal and my Mares last foal and she was then going to retire with us and live out her days with us. She had, I think, 6 or 7 foals before and when I had her inseminated it was a risk also as she had everything against her. So when I had her scanned at 14 days and she was in, I was so excisted I hugged the Vet. It is never nice to loose an animal especially when you put your heart and soul into them.

I am preferably looking for a Warmblood Mare 16hh, a proven breeder with good temperament and paces.

14-01-05, 05:23 AM
Thanks Everyone for your replies.

Mandy will reply to your email.


15-01-05, 03:43 AM
Sarah sorry once again for your loss. Keep in touch as we may be able to help next season. I will say though, that any WB mare 16hh that breeds frozen will most likely be used by us, we are starting to phase out some of the smaller ones, ones that only go in foal to chilled and the TB mares. What type of service is Whisper is he chilled or just frozen.

15-01-05, 09:13 AM
Thanks EA,
Whisper is chilled semen. Last time they collected and we then transported it ourselves to our Vet. I am hoping they will do the same next season. Thanks for thinking of me.