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18-01-05, 02:05 PM
Hi guys

Well 8 days after being PG'd, FD was finally covered, funnily enough, I had to handle a stallion for the first time for an outside stud on the same day, and had a distinct feeling that my girl might be 'in' too, although appparently she didn't stand anywhere near as well as she usually does, and would only stand once. Has anyone had experience with mares being PG'd being slightly less receptive to a stallion compared to when in their 'normal' (no PG needles)heat?

She is normally well, rather a tart!!

I am not getting my hopes up, but hopefully even if were getting the wheels in motion so to speak, she'll fall on the next serving!

Do mares that have had phantoms appear less tarty than usual to a stallion? She normally is very receptive to him when in, as they have been mated on several occasions previously (married couple lol)...

09-02-05, 03:28 PM
We have had every different response under the sun to PG this season. Some mares showing nothing and ovulated by day 5, other mare being receptive by day 5 and not ovulating till day 11 - then being in foal to Ex Libris (thank God). Mare last week developed a 5cm follicle and would NOT ovulate - came home from the vets after 3 days :(

Got two more with 5 cm follicles at the vet right now - one was pg'd 12 days ago the other natural cycle. Haven't ovulated yet. :(

Ovuplants aren't working, pg's not working, can't say the semens not working cause we haven't got to use much of it. :(

If it wasn't so expensive it would be hilarious. But we do have one positive Lord Sinclair, one positive Rabino and one Ex Libris :)

10-02-05, 12:32 AM
Hi bats - well she came back in last thurday - PROPERLY, as I expected her too. Last tango I said ;)

It's a bit of a mugs game this breeding, and I'm beginning to realise how lucky in some ways I've been in the past...

I ventured into AI this year, only because the silly mare wouldn't stand for the stallion and well, for good reason!! She went to be AI'd and was found to have a huge infection and fluid pooling.

So that's her for the year. I don't think she'll ever be a good breeding candidate so hopefully someone will pick her up as a cheap riding mare (gorgeous!!).

Congrat's on your confirmed pregnancies, I have two so far. It has been a LOOOOOOOONGGGGG season, so hopfully I'll have my third confirmed in a few weeks :).

I really do suspect the weather (amongst other things) as it's been a most unusual year!

I have heard the Ex Libris semen was very good, and did think about using him this year, but at that stage was still going to ride my mare. Now I'm thinking I should have gone and done it. Oh well. IF I get THREE foals on the ground next year they will more than keep me busy!!


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28-02-05, 06:04 PM
My Grandfather's old mare had conjoined twins after being PG'd. She has never had a problem caming in heat, just the stud didn't want to take any chances. Just wanted her in and out.
The foal's both joined at the back, had to be operated on before birth. And one removed.
The remaining foal lived and has no problems with her back. But it was costly.

01-03-05, 02:29 AM
Wow! Do you have any pix. I've heard of them doing that with humans but never horses. Where was it done? australia? P

01-03-05, 01:54 PM
Hi guys

Sounds interesting re twinning op!!

Update so far - Flashdance (aka fat heiffer) was served again, in her usual style this time (tart)... and finger's xed, she looks to be in, as she was due to return last thursday... so now for the 45 scan... I'm so lucky to have been able to have left her there for the entire duration, and can do until the end of term 1... so IF for some reason, she does return, we can try for one last time this year!