View Full Version : Home Pregnancy Tests

21-01-05, 09:14 AM
What are people's experiences with this method of testing? Apparently you just collect some blood, draw off some plasma and "dab" it onto a strip which works sort of like the human one and shows up a -ve or +ve result. Is it true that it only works after 100 days? Is it any good or just a waste of money?

09-03-05, 05:59 AM
I live on a rural property with the closest scan facilities 5 hours away. So I have to rely on home pregnancy tests. The best one that I have used so far is called foal-proof. It is very easy to use but the down fall is that the mare must be atleast 120 days but the guy I buy it off says you can use it as early as 90 days and I have tried this and have had success. Let me know if you want any more details.