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25-01-05, 04:41 AM
Hi, just want some feedback on what people think of the Salute temperament, before i buy a mare by him.
I have heard dreadful things about horses by Salute, they are aggressive and difficult to work with etc.
I am not disputing that it is a marvelous performance line, but everyone I have spoken to says they wouldnt touch anything by him.
Please can you give me some feedback on this.

27-01-05, 06:30 AM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I dont think you will get too many replies, I think there are EASIER temperaments out there to deal with. The Flanuer bred horses are renown for their temperaments, in fact Holsteins do seem to be easier than some of the other horses, not all I know, but on the whole.

27-01-05, 06:34 AM
I forgot to add, horses by Contact also seem to be a little easier, do be picky as there are some great moving horses that just cant be ridden and it is heartbreaking to the average rider to find this out.

27-01-05, 01:09 PM
I noticed on the current auction with the stars brochure that it says that Salute mares are hard to find these days as there is one for sale. There is also a write up of some of Salute's successful progeny in the brochure as well.
Also do a search on 'Salute' in the forum search section under all forums and archive.

29-01-05, 03:24 PM
'Salute' horses definitely have a certain type of owner who best suits their needs. Regular and consistent schooling - not a twice-a-week riding horse - does the trick, as with most horses! I have known both 'wild' and 'quiet' horses by him (but never heard of 'aggressive' ones) and it seems that maturity plays a big part. Rather than concentrating on the sire-line you would be well advised to further investigate the dam-line of the potential horse, many WB stallions just don't 'click' with our TB mares. The stallion is frequently blamed for producing 'mongrel' progeny when in fact more consideration should have been given to the mares he serves!

31-01-05, 08:56 AM
I have never owned a mare by salute but we have had two mares with salute as grandsire. They both could be said to have 'salutish' tempraments (whatever that means) but I agree with the statements above that it vey much depends on what else is in the mix and mares actually by salute are getting very rare. The mare I compete now is out of a Salute/TB mare by an anglo/stockhorse stallion and although she can be a bit flighty she is definatley not aggressive. She is vey willing and very talented but not a beginners horse by any means. She is stamped by Salute in her appearance but it is difficult to tell where the temprament comes from.


02-02-05, 08:05 AM
I have some Salute progeny and find that they are very easy to handle and are very intelligent, they learn very quickly, the only thing that I found that when they were first born they were little brats, but once weened they are just lovely, infact I have one filly which I am keeping for my breeding program