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27-01-05, 01:14 PM
Hello all,
Could you please help me with any info on "imperforated hymens".. I had a caslick operation performed on my 3 yo t'bred mare yesterday and the Vet showed me that she had this problem. Apparently if I am to breed her in future (which we probably do if she performs to her potential as she is one heck of a creature) then I need to have the hymen nicked and not allowed to heal otherwise the horse will tear her and this will make it difficult for her to conceive. Do I understand this correctly, has anyone had any experience with this. Any input greatly appreciated.

29-01-05, 10:11 AM
I have not heard the term "inferforated Hymen"
However a caslick operation is performed if the mare is of poor vulval conformation....ie sunken, gaping. Most young t/b mares are caslicked to perfevent the wind sucking noise during galloping. i have caslicked mares used for show jumping that do make the same god aweful noise when jumping.
Once the mare is caslicked depending how tightly she is done it will need to be opened for live serving. Generally the caaslick is done to the point of the pelvic floor. Exeptions do arise where it may be done lower care must be taken to go no lower than the uthreal opening otherwise urine cannot fully escape when the mare pees.. The reason for opening is the tightness of the opening may prevent the stallion penetrating and therefore tearing his way in. caslicks as a rule should always be opened before foaling too, however this is not always done, mares are brought to me with a perferated bowel from foals feet trying to push out and ending up pushing up. The hymen is located inside the vaginal structure as with humans, it is simply a piece of membrane which will break away once served or interfered with. In some mares it does not completly break away leaving a stringy film hanging across the vaginal canal, this in time with serving and foaling will break away.
Hope this helps