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30-01-05, 04:51 AM
Further to my post below about Chorulon...the mare in question got in foal and scans today reveal she slipped at around the 20 day mark.


What could be the causes? I am having her swabbed to see if there is an underlying infection or something...


I was so hoping the 25 day scan would be good news and that it would be third time lucky...not so. If I ever do get a foal out of this mare, I will be ecstatic.

30-01-05, 07:00 AM
What a shame. There are a myriad of causes including "just the judgement of the horse gods".
I read somewhere that horses are the most difficult of all domesticated animals to breed! I suppose that means covers Vs foals! Pagan

30-01-05, 08:18 AM
Thanks Pagan. I know how hard it is to even get a mare in foal, let alone get a little beast on the ground!I tell you what, I have a new appreciation for professional breeders - it is a costly exercise, not to mention the drain on emotions!

I am going to keep trying though and give it a shot next season if all else fails! Trying to keep it all in perspective. I guess everything happens for a reason, so hopefuly those "horse gods" will be shining on my mare next time!


31-01-05, 06:51 AM
so sorry to hear acacia :( it's a mugs game this breeding business!!

I'm still waiting to hear if the mare that did the fantastic phantom job has concieved from her one and only service from PG a few weeks ago, I'm going with prob not, but who knows, I may be pleasantly surprised yet!!

I'm pretty sure the little anglo mare I have running with my flatmates perlino QH/arab stallion is in, she's been seen repeatedly telling him off! Typical, free mare, free service, not fussed if doesn't take, straight in!!

The tb mare I had scanned at 22 days, but not since, and she looks ok apart from losing weight in the heat up here, and sticking her back leg in a fence while I was away... hey honestly out of three mare's I'll be happy with one live healthy foal for 2005!!

01-02-05, 03:48 AM
Hi Acacia,

Commiserations. Like you, I have had what could only be described as extreme bad luck re breeding. I have been trying now for 3 years (two years prior with frozen), then this year with fresh and now frozen.

My past two years were plagued with bad luck and veterinary incompetence. However, this year I changed vets and all was looking quite good there for a while.

I had my first mare inseminated on 10 December and she came back two weeks later for her scan -- in foal. I was a extremely happy -- at long last a pregnancy and this one was so quick and simple. My other mare was inseminated a week later, then scanned and confirmed not in foal. She is a difficult mare to get in foal due to complications from her last foaling -- she was only ever rated a 50:50 for pregnancy success with my new vet (who has been brilliant). We thought we'd roll the dice once more with her and on Friday last week she was scanned and 'miracle of miracles' she was confirmed in foal -- though, needs to be on Regumate for the next 3 months. However, when I was out on Saturday, I noticed that my other mare was in season -- extremely so. Some mares can come in season when pregnant, but not this mare -- a more black & white example you could not find.

I spoke with my vet that night, spoke with the semen provider also, organised transport with the agistment manager, and my mare was back at the clinic on Sunday morning for her scan (yesterday). All our worst expectations were realised -- she had slipped her foal and was holding a small amount of fluid. The vet was going to clean her out, take a swab, and (based on the result/his success), try to inseminate her again. Unfortunately, time is not on our side, when she was scanned she had a 3.7cm follicle. He expects her to ovulate this evening. And this time I will be using frozen as the fresh is not available. Though, considering this is my fourth insemination this season, I am very grateful to the semen provider for being so compassionate to my cause.

The time, dollar and emotional expense have been extremely high. And, even after all of this, it will still be touch and go as to whether I get a foal from either of these mares after 3 years (one mare is new to this, I am trying a 2nd year with the other). One mare is an easy breeder and the other has complications. Both had a good foaling history prior to my ownership.

I too am surprised when I see well-bred weanlings for under $10k . . . certainly, if I had hindsight that would have been the way for me to go as I have spent far more than that on semen, veterinary and ancilliary costs . . . not to mention all those wasted years! I deserve a gold medal for perseverance but if I have no success this year then I am sure it will be a sign "from above" that it's just not meant to be. I romanticise about buying further semen, but in reality I think it may be just throwing good money after bad in my case, and I still have another dose of frozen left in storage.

Acacia . . . it is not too late this season to give it one more go. I thought I would as I do not want to go through this again next year. Even I have to draw the line somewhere.

07-02-05, 09:42 AM
Thanks Spelling for your commiserations. I too think you deserve a medal for perseverance!

I am not dealing with frozen semen, and I can vouch that I am spending no where near as much as you (I am not breeding a warmblood) but it has been a bad introduction to breeding for me! Just the emotional side of it, and then fact that my mare is 200km away and I have been agisting her at the stud since October.

Yes, we are going to try once more this season. I am not holding my breath though. At the end of the day, if I don't get a foal it is not the end of the world, just disappointing! I have decided too that if I can't breed this mare, I will buy a weanling with the breeding I want.

All the best with your mares - fingers crossed you get at least one healthy foal on the ground! Good luck.

07-02-05, 01:09 PM
hi acacia

I too had the anglo mare return last week, but back to her normal standing heats where she's a real umm tart!

So she was served 4 times, over thurs and fri... now to wait another 21 days and hopefully SHE DOESN"T COME BACK IN!!!

Last chance!!

I really didn't think she'd go in with the last heat (PG) not strong enough..


08-02-05, 02:19 AM
Thanks Acacia . . . and I shall cross my fingers for you too! :) You are quite perceptive . . . I did not say I was breeding warmbloods . . . but, yes I am -- well, attempting to. What are you breeding for?