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21-02-05, 12:42 PM
I have four this year, from 12 foals, three of my home bred foals and one incoming foal. None huge, biggest is about one and half fingers and vet has said they are not worth operating on, leave them be and they should resolve. Now a new owner has had a whinge about one. I had none last year (in 6 births).
I'd love to know any others' experience of them, whether they have bothered to have them removed and how successful all the other treatments (stick on a 50 cent piece, bandage tight round horses tummy, or use rubber band and paddle pop sticks are just some I have heard) are.

21-02-05, 01:48 PM
My last foal had one which was a bit touch and go whether it would turn into a full blown hernia, but that actually cleared up by itself.

I did pick up a 2yr old filly from a stud who had a 1.5 finger hernia since she was a foal (let's not go into the stud management there!). It didn't affect her and seemed to be just cosmetic, but they to gradually seep into the system and can apparently cause septicaemia. I had her operated on (a huge hassle as she was terrified of men and there are not many female vets where I am!). It's a simple, relatively inexpensive operation.

It seems to be one of those things that isn't urgent... as in you can leave it a while to give it a chance to fix itself or then operate. However, I've heard more cases of operations than hernias fixing themselves. I'd plan for the operations, but give them a chance to heal first.

I have never heard of the sticks, coins, etc!


21-02-05, 06:01 PM
My colt this year had what you might call a hernia, to look at, but when I felt it there was no hole in the muscle in the abdomen, just the cord had broken away and healed over further away from the muscle wall, and this could be felt as a tube inside the flap of skin. He is now 4 months and this has resolved by itself.

I did once have a QH filly who had about a 2cm hole in the muscle, you could pop the tissue in and out of it, and we had it operated on when she was about 8 months old. It was relatively simple and there were no complications.

I have been told small hernias can resolve by themselves, but anything which involves a hole in the muscle should be repaired by surgery.