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10-03-05, 03:27 AM
Has anyone had any problems with microchipping horses? Eg migration of the chip, chip not working, horse reacting to the chip, put in the wrong place (ie not in ligament in right side of neck), etc?
What do you do about it?

21-03-05, 11:21 AM

Hey there. I use to work as an Equine Vet nurse up in sunny Queensland.

We micro-cipped horses on a regular basis without any dramas at all. The only thing that had happened was a bit of swelling for the first week or two after insertion of the chip, but that was due to the local we used to make the process less painful.

The chips were place beneath the skin rather than actually in the ligament. These days all TB foals are microchipped.

In regards to the chip not working....any professional who inserts the chips KNOWS that you scan the chip BEFORE you put it in to make sure it actaully works and the numbers match up to the paper work.

If worse comes to worse it is pretty easy to get the chip out (cut it out) but there can be a scar left behind.

Hope this helps.

21-03-05, 12:37 PM
>In regards to the chip not working....any professional who
>inserts the chips KNOWS that you scan the chip BEFORE you
>put it in to make sure it actaully works and the numbers
>match up to the paper work.

My only experience with microchips was with our dogs and after that experience, I tend not to put 100% faith in microchips. Between two dogs, we went through 4 microchips with 5 insertions.

Dog no.1 the chip migrated. It was cut out and put back where it was, still functioning, where it promptly migrated again to who-knows-where and returned no reading. A 2nd chip was put in which migrated a few inches and then stayed put, but then stopped working after a few years.

Dog no.2 the chip stopped working after a couple of months. It was replaced and the second chip lasted several years before it stopped giving a reading.

Maybe dogs are more susceptible to migration? This was back ~15yrs when microchips first came out so maybe they've made some advances, but in regards to their lifespan, I seem to remember the vet saying something about them only having a certain length lifespan. Don't know...as I said, they might have improved them. But the experience has not left me with much faith in them. Personally, if branding is to go out the door, I'd rather see tattoos (as in the US) as an alternative.

OTOH, although I haven't heard much feedback, I haven't heard anything bad about microchips in horses.


25-03-05, 08:18 AM
Hey I just returned from the Magic Millions On the Gold Coast 600 yearlings all microchipped, and yup there are some stories of the chips being expelled via a boil on the neck, the MAgic Millions People were telling us that, also one filly next to me hav developed a serious shyness arounf the area of the chip to the point that you can't touch her there now, she also started itching her mane after the chip was inserted. also some with the chips in the wrong horses (oops) as for us we had three chipped with no worries, although none of them like the reader thingy they use.