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17-03-05, 01:14 PM
Hello everyone,

Just had my mare scanned today, 15 days post AI and no pregnancy, no follicles coming either.

She is a maiden and first attempt as a last whirl for the season that has been plaqued with problems for me and my 2 other mares....

She cycled well, teased up really well, scanned with a 46mm follicle and ovuplanted, then AI'd the next day. (With chilled semen I have had success with last year)~!

Is it rare (or maybe common) that pregs are missed at 15 days. I guess I will know for sure in the next few days if she cycles again, just thought I'd ask if anyone has had missed pregs on early scans to find out later they are pregnant.... wishful thinking or grasping at straws maybe! Just had a good gut feeling on this one and can't believe we missed. I am not going again this season so wasn't planning on doing another scan, but if she doesn't cycle could it me autumn or she's prenant.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

18-03-05, 01:34 AM
It is not common for them to miss finding the pregnancy at 15 days, but I guess can happen, more of a problem with multiple pregnancies that not all of them are found but usually a single is not missed.

18-03-05, 11:47 AM
I guess the quickest (and cheapest) answer would be to wait and see if she comes into season again.


18-03-05, 12:12 PM
Thanks EA and Katherine,

I could still be grasping to wishful thinking, but she is not herself, normally a very matey TB mare and frets in true TB style when away from her studly paddock mate. But I have had her separated for 2 days now and she is not at all worried, I brought him in a few times today to tease and she couldn't care less, is more interested in cuddles from me.... So I will keep teasing for a few more days, just wondered how common missed scans are as I know a lady who had a neg at 16 days last year (by a competent vet) and was shocked to loose twins 8 months later! With the run I've had this year and last I could well do without that.

Will let you know how we go.


18-03-05, 03:02 PM
I had a mare scanned at 15 days this season and she scanned negative. She had major changes in her temperament so I had her rescanned 3 days later as I was sure that she was in foal and found that she had twins and they only looked to be around 15/16 days gestation but she was 18 days post service. We had a succesful removal of the smaller twin and she is expecting her foal this October.
I would suggest getting a repeat scan done if you think that she may be in foal. It is not worth missing a mare that is in foal with twins.

18-03-05, 04:41 PM
Thanks Dutch, I know with one of my other mares who is also due in Oct we scanned her at 15 days and the vet found a pregnancy but said it looked to only be about 10 days and he was not confident that she would hold it. We scanned again 26 and 60 and it was developing normally so thats also been in the back of my mind.

I will tease her again tomorrow and talk to my vet.

Good luck with your foal. Cheers

20-03-05, 11:50 AM
Well everybody, just an update, my girl was still not showing any signs of coming on Fri so I spoke to my vet and we decided to keep teasing her over the week-end and scan first thing Mon if she does not come on. We are assuming if nothing was visible at 15 days then even at 19.5 days if we found twins they should only be 16/17 day size and should not present any problems.

Anyway today (Sat) she is still doing a very good impersonation of a mare that is not coming into season.... so fingers crossed maybe she is in foal afterall. Would be a very exciting happy ending to what has been a frustrating breeding season (for me anyway). Will let you all know.

02-04-05, 02:56 PM
I had a mare scanned at 19 days and they told me she wasnt in foal, well 9 months later when I had put her out in the paddock she was looking extremely fat so I bought her in to cut her feed down a bit and noticed big rolly movements and there you have it 5 weeks later a buckskin filly popped out so I would wait a little longer if I were you sterling she may have a little surprise for you, I find their temperament changes when their in foal.

Good Luck

02-04-05, 04:31 PM
Thanks Ziggy,

How wonderful a buckskin filly! Unfortunately mine is definately not pregnant, after speaking with the vet and teasing for a few more days, no sign of cycle so we scanned at 21 days and sure enough not preg and a stack of nice looking folicles coming. True to my luck she started teasing about an hour after the vet left!!! I actually started another thread after this one (Ovuplant) when talking to my vet (prior to 2nd scan) he was fairly confident that her cycle was being delayed because of the ovuplant. From other advise that was given here on top of that I would think just end of season as well, although she certainly would have stood for a stallion over Easter! Little tart! I really had to scan again as the semen used is very verile and last year produced 3 prenancies in one of my mares, so I wasn't prepared to risk twins any later than 21 days...

Thanks again, the joys of breeding