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22-03-05, 02:33 AM
I have a mare that was recently scanned (2nd time) in foal at 60 days. A few days later she has been blood-spotting on the tail flap of her rug. She was also taken off her Regumate at this time too.

And, to add another complexity to this situation, her caslick has come unstitched over the weekend. Though, there does not appear to be any tearing (which was our immediate thought).

Needless to say, she has to go back to the clinic and we are just working out a time.

Anybody had any experiences with blood spotting and should I be prepared for the worst?

23-03-05, 04:28 AM

How did you go with your mare? Hope its good news... 4 hrs to go til I know about mine.


23-03-05, 08:40 AM
Well, you should just about know your results by now! :) I hope it's a positive test as I know only too well what it feels like to get negative results.

My news is all good (so far). My mare is still healthy and pregnant and showing no abnormalities. The spotting is light blood which indicates that it could be from broken capillaries, etc (she is a very veiny mare). Dark blood would not have been good. The vet said that some mares spot during their entire pregnancy and mine could easily be one of those. I didn't own her during her last pregnancy so don't have that kind of history.

In any case, as a precautionary measure, the vet gave her some antibiotics and a hormone injection. He's also taken a blood sample to do some testing on.

Love my new vets -- so thorough! :)

23-03-05, 09:28 AM
That is excellent news Spelling, I am very happy for you :-) Just out of curiosity where abouts are you and who is your new vet? Will keep everything crossed that all goes well full term and look forward to the arrival news!

My news is not what I had hoped, I was right she hadn't cycled, but wouldn't you know it, she has a nice 33 and several others developing that my vet really liked the look of it all. He feels that it was the Ovuplant that delayed the next cycle, says that whilst it is an excellent drug it can delay things and also make them less responsive to PG'ing (which is what we were seeing with my other empty mare). I too love my vet and his diplomatic approach, and dedication to his work! He was (I'm certain) more disappointed than I was today with a neg again!!! I had already decided we wouldn't be going again but there is a few other complex issues regarding the stallion owner at the moment so I have left a message with them and based on my vet being happy if the stud want us to have another crack at it then we might.... I'm over it all for the season so really don't mind one way or another.

So pleased your news is good, should be all good news from here on in!

23-03-05, 10:48 AM
So sorry Stirling :( . . . you have not had a good season at all. My "strong" mare didn't take after 3 AIs this year either. The mare that is now pregnant was rated as an "unlikely" chance by the vets. So, there you go?!?!?!?

I am based in Sydney, NSW. My vets are Agnes Banks Equine Clinic (ABEC) in Wilberforce/Windsor area. I used to use the "other" local vets in the area but had disasterous results from them with some very costly and careless mistakes. I changed in November last year and absolutely kick myself for not doing it sooner. The ABEC vets are just sooo superior in my opinion and have a more client-orientated approach (after all, we're talking big money here . . . my AIs this season have cost just under $4k . . . so far).

Like you, I am contemplating having the other mare inseminated again . . . I am sitting on the fence re this. However, the stallion owner I am dealing with has been brilliant . . . and very tolerant! :)

I am well over it too now and am just sooo paranoid about anything going wrong with the big girl. But, saying that, I want a rest from this so if I can wrap everything up this season (albeit late), then I will. But I need my other mare to come to the party.

Where abouts are you and which vets do you use?

Let me know if you give it another shot . . . perhaps we can synch our efforts and get the sun, moon and stars aligned for this last go, eh! :)

27-03-05, 07:45 AM
So Spelling,

Has your mare decided to come to the party and have one last go?

Too many circumstances as well as late in the season I decided that without neon behind them, all the signs were saying NO. So I decided if my vet wants to heat his new swimming pool, which I am convinced was entirely funded by yours truly, then he'll have to wait til next season. We both had a good laugh!!! If I didn't know many of his clients personally and know that I am the only one driving his averages into the ground then I guess I would have to seriously be looking for another vet! At this stage I'm just hoping he doesn't sack me as a client... :-)

I am just watching my foal carry on in the paddock as its about to storm (I HOPE). Rain for us has been a rare thing (driest Feb in 80 years) so the little girl really doesn't remember what this stuff from the sky is!

30-03-05, 04:27 AM
Hi Sterling . . . still sitting on the fence.

Have not seen the AA come back in season again which is odd. She is definitely not pregnant that much I'm positive of.

Also, she was lame yesterday so is now on bute. It looks to be a hoof absess but I need to call the agistment lady today to see how she is. If she is unchanged the vet will need to come out.

So, it seems the Gods are conspiring against us. I can't seriously think of reinseminating her at this point with her being lame and not cycling properly.

I would like to know what treacherous acts I performed in my past life to be the recipient of so many years of constant bad luck in this life! [yes, I am feeling sorry for myself].

31-03-05, 07:30 AM
They say "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger", yah, well enough already, this year I'm feeling like a weight lifter.

Its true thou, I can honestly say I have only ever known one friend who has had as much bad luck as I have (not breeding) horses in general, I went thru a 4 1/2 yr run where Murphy hung out in my stables. Not only was my vet on speed dial on every phone in the house but he used to ring me if he was passing! Man, did I spend some money on my horses, with each little disaster I thought as you are Spelling, "why me", then I would look at it as a learning curve, one night, out walking an old horse with a belly ache, in the middle of a severe electrical storm, I looked skyward and said "GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT ~ I am not giving up". You know after that night I had almost 3 years of good luck, everything went well, my riding improved, competing became enjoyable again, I thought I have paid my dues and its now my turn to enjoy.

Then I decided to have another go at breeding, what was I thinking!!!

Will keep fingers crossed for your pregnant mare, will no doubt be doing foal watch at the same time as each other!

01-04-05, 12:19 PM
I'm sure we will be doing foal watch at the same time! :) There you go, positive thinking! :)

Maybe we might be lucky later on with both our 'pregnancy-challenged' mares, eh? :)