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22-03-05, 02:56 AM
Can anyone tell me if they have experienced mares with temperament changes after using Ovuplant?! Also if you have had unsuccessful breeding have you experienced delayed (longer) cycle in the mare, thought to be because of the Ovuplant.

My maiden mare was scanned last Wed, 15 days post AI and no pregnancy found, she has still not shown any signs of coming on heat 20 days post AI today. I spoke to my vet Fri about my concern that she could be pregnant and we decided to keep teasing her over the week-end and see. I spoke to him thismorning and he is happy to leave it til tomorrow afternoon to scan as he believes she is just delayed in her cycle..... Its not just the cycle its the mood change in this mare that makes me think she's in foal.

It will be a long day and a half for me, so anyone with experience with ovuplant I'd love to hear from you please....

22-03-05, 03:14 AM
We use ovuplant on just about every mare. Cant say I really notice any difference, but then again they are usually at the vet clinic at this time. They are hormones so really it is possible for it to have some impact on behavour.

As far as the filly being late coming back into cycle, I think this now just the late part of the season where most mares are shutting down and the cycles are starting to become pretty irregular, I have alot of mares that dont appear to be cycling at all anymore. Most that are coming into season are really not showing very much, and have no interest in the stallions.

22-03-05, 03:14 AM
Both my mares were given Chorulon and one got in foal second AI, whereas the other after her 3rd remained not in foal. The not-in-foal mare came in season every two weeks for a couple of seasons which indicated she was still carrying an infection. However, the last occasion she came in season ~3 weeks so hopefully all has been cleared. No character changes other than galloping for cover when they see the float or the vet's 4WD appear on the scene.

They could have missed the pregnancy (unlikely) or your mare may be shutting down early with the change of conditions. Also, her system could be out of whack (like one of my mares).

Have another scan and put your mind at ease.

Best of luck. :)

22-03-05, 03:41 AM
Thanks EA & Spelling,

Part of me thinks its just wishful thinking, but my gut says she's in foal. The main reason for my concern is that the semen used is the same stallion I used last year and achieved triplets in a difficult mare that had 2 follicles about 1cm different in size, so obviously she had multiple ovulations and popped up a new follicle in between. We did use chorulon on her that attempt.

So far I have had zero success with Ovuplant (3 mares, 8 insemination) and from all the research I have done it appears to be the superior product in terms of slow release, effectiveness etc.

Fingers crossed, will let you know if I have egg on my face tomorrow!

Good luck with your mare Spelling, can't offer you any suggestions as I've to date only managed two mares to get that far along and neither were caslicked. I think with breeding we always have to prepare for the worst! Good Luck and Thanks again

22-03-05, 04:04 AM
Thanks so much Stirling -- though I'd prefer to prepare for some good luck! *grin*

I've had 5 inseminations this year. The first one with mare (A) took, though she slipped about 4 weeks later and the following two AIs were unsuccessful.

Mare (B) had two AIs -- the first was unsuccessful and the second worked. We have virtually wrapped her in cotton wool to make sure she has the best chance of keeping it. She was on Regumate up until Friday this week.

I have been trying for 3 years with 3 different mares for no luck to date (mare issues definitely the first year and this year) -- I really feel I am due for a change . . . I have certainly paid my dues in the breeding arena.

Vet is now organised to come out this afternoon to check mare (B) and re-caslick her. I hope this issue is insignificant.

22-03-05, 04:05 AM
P.s. You won't have egg on your face. Fingers crossed you're right and that the scanner wasn't working properly the day she was done. :)

22-03-05, 05:29 AM
I did suggest he bring the Filly scanner this time as I requested the Colt scanner last time!!! Gotta have a sence of humour in this game thats for sure!!

5 AI's for me last year (2 mares) for 3 pregnancies (but they were all in the one mare). I was spot on with knowing + or - prior to each scan last year, this year I took the unsuccessful AI Maiden to stud for the real touch, got her on one cycle and I knew she was pregnant, I just didn't get my hopes up. The wet mare had 3 AI's this year, 2 before I switched stallions back to the one we had success with, all 3 neg and I knew each time before the scan. Only went again with my other maiden as I now have another service paid for and would like 2 foals on the ground to grow up together. Ah well, I could be wrong, I think this breeding game brings back the excitement and expectation that we all lost when we found out that Santa didn't really exist!!! Good luck, let me know how your mare goes.

23-03-05, 12:01 PM
OK, everyone, the jury is back! I was correct, she had not yet come back on! But I was wrong and she is not pregnant either!

However to those who thought she may have shut down for the season, wrong, by all the follicle activity she had today (21days post AI) she should be (in theory) hot on about Thurs~! True to form she started getting matey again about an hour after the vet left!

My vet felt (and has seen this before) that the Ovuplant has delayed her cycle. He also feels that this is also the cause of some mares being less responsive to PG after a non-successful breeding having used Ovuplant, which we have seen in my other mare.

Being a first attempt with this maiden I guess I was flying blind with her behavour having had hormones implanted but at least we will know for next time. Also I guess (to those doing it at home anyway) I know with my other mare we have scanned around the 17 day mark and if not preg and no folicles we have PG's so difficult to say what the behavour would have been if left to run its course.

There you go, thats breeding for you!

24-03-05, 03:08 AM
Stirling, when mares shut down they dont just stop cycling. The cycles get longer, they may even get many follacles, they may ovulate normally they may not, it may get to the point of erupting and disappear. The cycles just become irregular and much harder to predict. You can stil get pregnancies at this time, but if you are using frozen it is very risky.

I have never seen ovuplant extend mares cycles at all. Will check that next time I chat with the vet.

24-03-05, 03:58 AM
Thanks EA, I too would be interested to hear your vets comments on the subject. We are only using chilled not frozen but I feel it is getting too late, hasn't been a good season so any desperate attempts at this stage of the season I think would only add to the cost and frustration of the whole thing.

Do let me know what you vet thinks thou! I can certainly vouch for my mares being less responsive to PG'ing after having been ovuplanted and returned empty, so anything is possible I guess. Thans again.

26-03-05, 05:43 AM
>OK, everyone, the jury is back! I was correct, she had not
>yet come back on! But I was wrong and she is not pregnant

Bugger! Is your other mare due in Oct still holding?


26-03-05, 08:21 AM
Katherine, I laughed! That is exactly the word both my vet and I said in synch. I then laughed!

Touch wood my other girl is still doing well, she is turning into the biggest sook and I think she is going to make a wonderful mum!

Incidently, the mare that wasn't, on the scan (Tue) 21 days post AI had a stack of folicles (nice looking ones) and a 33mm, the vet was confident we could go again but I decided not to. It is still very warm up here even at night. Have continued to watch her thou just for my own learning and she started teasing about an hour after the vet left (considering changing my name to Murphy). Teased all day Wed and was in standing heat Thur and again today. My guess is she will be over it all by tomorrow, I guess we will never know if she ovulated, but she certainly would stand for a stallion today. Tis all a learning curve ~ bugger!

05-04-05, 04:40 PM
Stirling, with two 3 year olds this season they both had delayed cycles following ovuplant. The first filly was ovuplanted with a +40mm follicle but the next day it had shrunk back to a 38mm. We didn't AI her and it was 30 days until she ovulated again. She was finally AI'd 60 days after the first attempt as she wouldn't get back in a rythym. Sadly she had a reaction to the semen (extender I would think) and got lots of fluid. Now she appears to be doing exactly the same thing as your mare - 15 days post AI (21 days since a 30mm follicle) and she has scanned negative but once again has no ovarian activity. I think I am going to wait 10 more days to do her again as she is getting absolutely fed up with it all.

The second filly was ovuplanted on a 43mm follicle and WOULDN"T load into the horse float to go to the vet. We were devastated! She too didn't ovulate again until 30 days later. In her case we didn't have her huge float finished until a week ago so she got PG'd, had a cycle then came back in season normally, was ovuplanted on a 40mm and AI'd on a 49mm. that was last week and I am FINISHED! This season has been really hard work but the foals from last season are so super that you can't help but try hard in this.

Next season will be the death of me. :)

06-04-05, 02:20 AM
Thanks Bats, its always nice to know I'm not the only one :-) but unfotunately in the horse game it can often be the case.

Have you always used Ovuplant? Had good success with it? Have you used Chorolun? I'm still undecided! My vet prefers Ovuplant, he says he has more luck with it, but I remember last year (my first at this AI stuff), he used Ovuplant the first attempt, she didn't take but were a few other possible reasons. We set her up again and he was going to use Ovuplant but then at the last minute changed his mind and went Chorolun, I asked why and he explained that, some researchers were indicating that repeated use of Ovuplant can cause problems in getting mares to re-cycle. NOT that he felt it, but obviously there was reports around at the time, and I presume now that as it was my first attempt at AI'ing he really wanted to get it right. We got her that attempt with triplets. The same season my other maiden mare had 3 attempts, but we used Ovuplant on all 3 and a string of events that I believe all point back to the semen.

Anyway this year, maiden went off to live cover, no pre-workup, no assistance or hormones, no problems. Wet mare, first attempt we went ovuplant and the 2nd attempt I questioned my vet about going ovuplant again based on last year with her. He was confident that it wouldn't be a problem. Because of a time constraint with the stallion we PG'd each time to speed the whole thing up. 3 Ovuplants no joy. Then my third mare, 1 attempt, end of season. Who knows!

I will keep reading and asking questions, before next season is upon us, but I am seriously considering asking that we use Chorolun first!

Will keep my fingers crossed for you on last weeks AI, let us know how the scan goes!

06-04-05, 10:18 AM
Truthfully Stirling I didn't know I had a choice of products. :) My vet is brilliant but sometimes if you don't ask the right questions you don't get the appropriate answer. We had one mare that we decided to breed on the spur of the moment (arena isn't going to be finished anytime soon and I can't work her in our paddocks). She came in season, the vet scanned her the next day - she had a 50mm follicle, she ovulated, got AI'd, got pregnant. The type of situation that you dream of. No ovuplant, no PG, just magic.

Now we are all convinced that something horrible will happen when she delivers. Damn breeding horses makes you paranoid. :(