View Full Version : Price advice on Imported yearlings

13-04-05, 01:52 AM
Can you help me Im thinking of importing some weanlings/yearlings to sell wondering what prices people would pay for quality stock with these bloodlines for example:

Qudiam de Revel X Corrado I
Quidam de Revel x Langraf I x calypso I
Chin Chin x Burggraaf x alme
Cassini I x Langraf x calypso I
Stakkato x Darco x Pilot

Fillies and colts

Would like to import 3 and sell 2 of them.

Any thoughts?

13-04-05, 03:55 AM
Breda, if I was going to buy an imported horse and have the expense of transporting them to Aust I would be selecting the stock myself, not buying what someone else imported.

13-04-05, 11:50 AM
I'm with EA on that one! If I was going to go to the expense of an imported model, I'd definitely be picking my own.

Were you maybe hoping to buy 3, sell 2 to pay for yours? Would be a good plan if it worked but I would think too many risks involved for your outlay, I would imagine you would be up for hefty expenses and you would want to ensure you had buyers already lined up....

Not sure what the advantages would be in importing 3 as opposed to 1, if there were any financial benefits then it could be worth finding other people who were interested in saving a little and going a group thing, but with everyone picking their own stock.

Just a thought, not sure what your plan is based on. :-)