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14-04-05, 03:07 AM
Oh Spelling, I am so sorry to hear your news on your mare, I had not been into Cyberfoal for a while and just saw your post on there. Makes me feel awful that the same night I was in here spouting about my good news :-( when you have such terrible news... :-(

How is your girl doing now? I have everything crossed for you and my thoughts are with you...


19-04-05, 12:33 PM
Thanks so much for the well wishes Stirling. There has been some slight improvement over the past couple of days. However, my mare has been seriously ill and was in decline [further] on Thursday, so much so that the vet thought I should come out and see her -- Needless to say, I took Friday off and spent a good bit of time with her, and then many hours over the weekend. Preliminary results from the biopsy show that she had high toxidity but no indication that she had any liver disease/cancer. Though, the final results are not available yet. As at Saturday morning she was still in foal but has been urinating blood. It will be an amazing feat if she manages to stay in foal after all that she has gone through (but I must keep the dream alive). About 2/3 of her liver had been damaged -- God knows how. She has now been at the vet clinic for over a week but will remain there for some time yet. My other two were also blood tested, just to see if there were any links with feed/additives. There were none -- other two are very healthy other than one which is a little high with her protein rating.

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and well wishes. I am lucky enough to have a friend who is able to visit her during the week (when I am locked up working) to give me mobile updates.

19-04-05, 03:56 PM
Oh Spelling, I have been checking every day in here and assuming no news was good news... so I am really sorry to hear all your girl is going thru it must be such a worry for you. This foal WILL certainly be a miracle girl when she arrives!

If it is any consolation I had a friend who's mare last year had 3 day virus, was on the ground for the whole time, the vet didn't hold much hope but she somehow pulled thru and was re-scanned and confirmed still 60 days, then in her 4th mth she took ill again, they ran all sorts of tests, eventually diagnosed her with Ross River Fever. They really thought that would be the end of the foal, but she delivered a beautiful healthy baby! :-)

Miracles can and do happen and you are certainly overdue for yours so I will keep everything crossed and send positive vibes for you.

Take care and let us know how she is going (when you have time)


19-04-05, 11:52 PM
Thank you again Stirling for the uplifting story about your friend's mare and her experiences. Let us hope that I can share with you some positive news later. Again, thank you for the kind thoughts :) :)

28-04-05, 09:34 AM
Hi Spelling,

I have been thinking of you and your mare... please tell me that no news is good news!


28-04-05, 10:57 AM
Hi Stirling,

No news has been good news (touch wood) in that my mare was looking seriously ill yet appears to be much recovered and now eating up a storm! :) :) She is still at the vet clinic and will be there for another month I suspect (needs to be kept under observation due to the seriousness of her illness). But, so far, her improvement has been uplifting. She appears to still be in foal (touch wood again), though a further test will be done on her in about a week's time to determine the health and well-being of her foetus. It is now too large for the vets to do a rectal scan . . .

Thank you again for thinking to ask. Again, I am much relieved that my mare (and possibly her bubby) are on the road to recovery (and touching yet more wood!). Though, I am not looking forward to the vet bill! :)

29-04-05, 04:51 AM
Spelling, that is good news to hear :-) will keep thinking positive thoughts, but sounds like she is over the worst of it now... Have to say I wouldn't be looking forward to the vet bill either but lets think positive that it will all be worth it when the foal finally arrives safe and sound! Perhaps start thinking about really expensive exotic names, like Mercedes, Porcha, Costalot :-)

Good Luck and thanks for the update. Will look forward to October when we're in here doing foal watch together...

30-04-05, 12:39 AM
And rubbing yet more wood . . . *wink*

When my mare foals (very positive thinking there) it will be close to Xmas. But I like some of those names -- what a Stirling idea! :) ho ho ho (sorry, I have a tragic sense of humour) :)

Keep me up to date with your progress too. I am still umming and ahhing about whether I will give my other mare another AI . . . she's had 4 to date and only 1 took, but she later slipped. It's hard to know whether I should roll the dice one more time with her. I guess the vet and I will review the situation again in September. One foal may very well be sufficient for me.

Look forward to keeping in touch. :)