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20-04-05, 11:32 AM
Hi everyone,

Now that the bots have decided to vacate the property I have a new problem (thanks to a particular neighbour), buffalo fly... Of my 8 horses they are only bothering 2, one is an old black gelding and the other is a chestnut mare that is currently pregnant.

My question is, does anyone know if BRUTE is safe to use on pregnant mares? I have always used it on the geldings but was a little hesitant today about putting on the mare.

It doesn't have any warnings on the bottle in terms of pregnant mares, but withholding periods tend to worry me.

Anyway if anyone knows the answer that would be great if not I'll give my friendly vet a buzz in the morning.


20-06-05, 02:05 PM
Hello Stirling, I notice that you posted this some time ago, but thought I would reply because I found myself asking the same question when my mares were in foal last season. Did you end up getting an answer from your vet on the safety of BRUTE? I would be interested to know what he/she said. I use a product called,"COTEX" multi purpose insecticidal spray and pine oil cleanser for dogs and horses.I was introduced to this by a lady who used to hydrobath my dogs. I had an old gelding suffering from an itch condition,(could have been insect induced I'm not sure).We ended up Hydrobathing the horse in the "Cotex" product, it worked wonders. He smelt like a rose and no self respecting fly,mozzie, etc. went within cooee of him. I started using it on all of my horses,(including the foals).I use it 50/50 (mixed with water). I place it in a spray bottle and keep it with the rest of my kit. It works very well on flies/mosquitoes/and Queensland Itch. Its ingrediants are 2g/Litre Permethrin, 5g/L Piperonyl Butoxide. It also contains 20g/L Refined Pine Oil. The reason I wanted to let you know this info is because Brute is 87g/Litre Permethrin which is a high dose in comparison. I am no expert and the Brute may be fine but I find that the other product works well and is a much lower dose. I have both products in my stable locker but the Cotex is my choice especially for the pregnant ladies and foals. The company also put out a shampoo, (which contains tea tree oil). I use and recommend that also. I use the two products in conjunction with one another. I am always looking for as natural a products as possible to use on my horses. Although this product is not 100% natural it is a lot better than many of the fly control products on the market. When it is all said and done, we end up with whatever product we use all over us as well as our horse, doesn't matter how careful we try to be. I am currently using the product on 5 mares in foal as well as the other horses I own, with no ill effects to date. Anyway all the best I hope you find this info useful. If you are interested and cannot track down the product drop a line here and I will look up the contact number,(probably only useful if you are in Australia). I also have a herbal remedy for the dreaded "Bot Fly menace",if you are interested. All the best:- QuarterGems

20-06-05, 11:49 PM
Hi Quartergems,

I had a look last night and couldn't for the life of me find where you had posted..... duh, I had forgotten I posted this under breeding.

Thanks for the info, I did in fact speak to my vet the next day and he said Brute was fine to use. Whilst it says to apply 7 days, he suggested only using it 14 days if possible.

As it turned out I got away with only applying once, there seemed to be a real problem with buffalo fly on 3 of my 8 horses. 1 swipe with Brute on all of them and that was the end of them, must have moved on to greener pastures!

For just normal fly and insects I tend to use a herbal spray but the buffalo don't seem to mind it.

Would love to see your remedy for the dreaded "Bot Fly" when you get time.

Thanks again

21-06-05, 02:13 PM
Hello again Stirling, Glad to hear that all is sorted out for you. I will remember the advice from your vet about applying Brute at 14 day intervals, I do use it at times also and the info is good to know. Thank-You! The remedy I use for bot flies is from a very good book written by a lady named:- Victoria Furguson who is an Equine Herbalist. The book is called, "The Practical Horse Herbal". I think I paid about $55.00 when I purchased it but it has been money spent that I have not regreted. I refer to it a lot,(also another great book on Natural Horse Health is one written by Pat Colby). I am feeding all of my horses using the information described in Pats book and we are slowly heading down the path that she suggests towards healthy soil, which will lead to healthy pasture and ultimately healthier horses. I like the idea of being kind to the environment for both ourselves and future generations to. HERE TIS THE RECIPE for the dreaded, "Bot Fly". Using a 500ml spray bottle I use 250ml of strained Wormwood tea. You can buy Wormwood at a Health food shop follow directions to make a teapot full, I use a china teapot instead of metal. I strained it through a plastic tea strainer. To this add 250ml Organic Cider Vinegar. Add 15 drops Oil of Citronella and 5 drops of Pennyroyal Oil. Bravo!! You now have a Herbal Insect repellant. I just multiplied the dose to make more as I have a number of horses. Any extra I place in a container in the fridge, it does not seem to lose its zap when this is done although I would not keep it this way for too long. Spray the horse paying special attention to their legs as this seems to be the area that the bot flies adore. I keep a bot knife handy which makes getting rid of any eggs pretty easy. I am finding that the bot flies don't seem as attracted to the horses when they are wearing this perfume. I also feed a tablespoon of garlic per day per horse and have a regimented programme in place for removing the manure from my small paddocks and a chain harrow which we tow around behind a vehicle in the larger paddocks. We still get our share of pests but anything you can do helps to keep pests including the bot fly to a minimum. Once again I hope this is helpful, please let me know if you have any queries. I would be interested to hear what your Herbal Spray is Stirling, I might not be offering you any info you don't already know. We'll see hey? All the best, Quartergems