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26-04-05, 11:18 AM
I have a 13yrold tb mare whom is 6.5 months pregnant with her and our first foal. I was wondering when mares start to really look pregnant.I can notice a bit of tummy on her now but just wondering when she will look huge?. Also when will she really need feeding up?? We are feeding her lots of Breeda, lucerne chaff, salt calcium, oaten hay and she has a big round bale of meadow hay to eat at will. Any other ideas??. She looks fantastic on this I might add, the best she has ever looked. Is it true that you can usually tell when a maiden is due to foal?? Also another question!, what do most people do before their mare is due to foal?
Cheers Sophie

26-04-05, 12:56 PM
It will depend on the mare, some mares will look huge early and some will look smaller until the last trimester which is the last 3 months before they are due. Usually the last 3 months is when the mare needs her feed increased. Oats is a great feed for mares to be on as it contributes to keeping condition and energy. Also I am a big believer in feeding oats so the foal is used to them which conditions them for later use in life. (without the fizz) She is getting oats in the oaten hay although probably not enough. I usually put them on 1 kg of oats and then the last trimester I increase them up to 2 kgs including pellets and lucerne chaff and other additives. Cheers

26-04-05, 03:33 PM
Supercrunchs advice is good the last 3 months is when they need there goodies the most but be aware to that you dont have her fat cos the more fat you can see outside the mare means that there is 3 times as much fat inside the mare for the foal to push through.

best of luck

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27-04-05, 12:20 AM
I have always fed Mitavite Breeda with oaten/lucerne chaff to my pregnant mare and to the foals. My yearling is still getting it every day. All the horses have done well on it and have grown without any problems.
I second the advice about not letting the mare too fat. I would say, however, that breeda is a complete feed and the addition of other things such as grains etc (not chaff though)is likely to upset the nutritional balance of the feed.
Also, be careful about feeding too much cereal based hay as this may upset the calcium/phosphorous ratio which may lead to growth issues in the foal. I have always fed a biscuit of lucerne hay a day as well to keep the calcium levels up for my mare.

Good luck. Exciting times ahead :)