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04-05-05, 01:11 PM
Hi everyone, I have noticed that some people post in all the different conferences, but some only in the breeding and cyberfoal, so I thought I would put this in here as well.

Wyndemere Foals

So, who's got any on the ground or on the way? Fresh, chilled or frozen??

I am considering him as one of my choices for the coming season, so would appreciate any feedback anyone has, good bad or indifferent. Feel free to pm or e-mail me if you would prefer.
Also does anyone have any web sites with info on him or his progeny, I have been to the hanovarian site and he's not listed as standing in Australia!?

04-05-05, 11:58 PM
he isn't on the hano website, as he has not received his full breeding licence yet for the hanoverian verband, i would say.

he has done his licencing, but was exported to australia before he did his performance test. once he reaches prix st george competition, he will receive his full breeding licence. his foals are eligible for hanoverian identification registration.

wyndemere is fully licenced with the awha.