View Full Version : Little Foal Lost

07-05-05, 10:54 AM
My little mare lost her foal yesterday. I went out to the paddock this morning to check the horses and she was lying down as she does usually at that time. But I noticed something hanging from her vagina which didn't look too healthy. So I ran and called the vet. It appears that she aborted the foal sometime last night and retained some of the placenta. I couldn't find any remains of the placenta or the foal anywhere - looks like a fox might have got the poor little thing :-( . The vet reckons that if she hadn't have retained her placenta I might never have known she aborted and in six months time would have been asking "When is this horse ever going to foal?". The pregnancy wasn't planned and I was a bit taken aback by it all, but I'm kinda sad now ... would have like to have known what it was. The little mare seems find though, thanks to the vet. RIP little foal.

07-05-05, 11:57 AM
Well spotted. Very sorry. It is always so sad. Glad the mare is OK.

07-05-05, 02:50 PM
Sorry about your unexpected loss.

So good to read that you got to your Mare so soon and that she is ok.