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13-05-05, 02:24 PM
Sorry to post this twice, thought I might get more response here rather then the equestrian forum... Just wondering if anyone knows how hard it is to reg a TB mare with the Hano society. Also any recomendations for TB lines, for dressage, that mix well with WB (pref Hano) Stallions, and Stallion lines that mix well with TB mares.
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20-05-05, 02:47 PM
Its not particularly hard to get a TB mare registered as a foundation mare, you can also get them registered with the AWHA or ACE.
The mare must be a stud book TB with 3 generation pedigree.
They then have to be classified, which means they are assessed for conformation , type and movement, and have to trot out, and trot and walk in straight lines as well.
It is fairly easy, and provided the mare is a reasonable type, she should be fine.

TB lines that mix well with WB lines for dressage -
I am very particular about the TB lines I use for breeding with WBs.
I only use TB mares that have a double cross of at least two of the following stallions - Blue Peter, Precipitation, and Tudor Melody or Tudor Minstrel.
Blue Peter is also used alot by holstein showjumping breeders, the TB line of Ladykiller, which is the Blue Peter line, is a very good line for breeding jumpers.
Mares with this line are often very big athletic movers and it is a very talented line.

Precipitation is the sire of Furioso, which has been a very important foundation stallion used by warmblood breeders. YOu will see the Furioso line crop up all the time in frozen semen breeding,and if you have a mare with this line you can double cross it with warmblood stallions.
Some examples are Jazz, Jive Magic, Florestan, Wunder, Voltaire.

The Tudor line is a fantastic line for dressage. Lauries Crusador, the refinement TB stallion who is being used by the GErmans, has Tudor Melody as his grandfather.
Other stallions who carry this line, and you can buy their semen from IHB, are Longchamp and Londonderry.

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