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08-06-05, 08:38 AM
Hi everyone !
I have a friend who is thinking of breeding two warmblood mares to the above stallions. She will be doing it via AI ( not sure of chilled , frozen etc ), so I was wondering if anyone could let me know of any successes or failures with the semen of these two - and any other information that I could pass on that would be relevent. Those of you that have bred, and have a foal on the ground, what are their temperaments like, as this is probably the most important aspect ( besides strike rate of pregnancy). Thank you, any information would be great !


09-06-05, 02:26 PM
We have used Don Schufro with great success, 3 inseminations (frozen) for 3 strikes and 3 foals, so i can highly recommend his fertility. The straws are supplied as only 1 straw per dose as oppoed to 6-8 straws as per Weltmeyer for example. The only drawback with this is that they have a nasty habit of exploding from thermal shock on thawing despite following the 'special' procedure supplied. On our 1st attempt to use it we lost 2/3 of the semen in the waterbath much to my horror! We inseminated the mare with the remnants and low and behold she tested positive and the colt is now nearly 2 years. Our vet solved this dilemma by placing the straw in a sterile plastic bag before placing it in the water bath. Not all the straws explode and not all the straws are packaged the same, presumably they are from different batches. Maybe the newer batches don't have this problem. This year was not so succesful. 4 inseminations on 3 mares which did not take but it was very late in the season (March) and the weather was not favourable. Mares are funny things and the time of season and weather seems to influence them a lot. I plan to use him again this year so it will be interesting to see if things have changed. This has been our experience with using the semen. Other people may have a different story to tell. I can't tell you anything about Romanov as we haven't used him. as for the temperaments of the foals, it has been our experience that they are extememly placid and very people friendly. We really love them!
Best of luck for your friend!

12-06-05, 09:20 AM
Re Don Schufro - I have heard some stories about the semen been successful first or second go and have heard other cases when it has taken 4 goes +. I guess it depends on the mare and the vet!

21-06-05, 12:05 PM

I have a 9 month old colt by Don Schufro and can only rave about his temp, he is super quiet and luvs people, he was like this from the day he was born. He has lovely paces and conformation too so i would recomend breeding to Don Schufro, i had no luck on the first 3 straws, the following season in foal first insemination. It was interesting to read about the straws exploding! I dont know if this happened to mine, i changed vet the following season. Colt is advertised cyberhorse warmbloods if you would like to see what Don Schufro produces, remember the mare is very important too.

good luck