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29-06-05, 01:25 AM
A few years ago I read somewhere that fertilizing horse paddocks/pastures can cause abortions in pregnant mares due to the high urea content. I have tried a search through google with no luck. Does anyone on CH have any info on this subject or at least might be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks heaps

29-06-05, 09:46 AM
Hi there KM, No I am no expert on this subject but I will say if in doubt, "ERR" on the side of caution. None of us wish to lose our foals(or our mares)to abortion or anything else if we can possibly help it. Urea and horses certainly do not mix (although cattle and urea obviously do). I don't know if the quantities in chook droppings are high enough to cause problems. I am aware of a poultry farmer who top-dresses his paddocks with the manure from his sheds. They have had some foaling problems,(abortion/stillborn & death soon after birth etc)over the years. I don't know if this has been due to the manure or simply the odds on chance of losing some stock when one is breeding a reasonable number of mares each season. They have more healthy foals born than problematic ones. Perhaps your Vet may be the knowledgable one to turn to, he/she will probably steer you up the right track. Keep us posted with any interesting answers you come across. Quartergems