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29-06-05, 01:26 PM
I have a TB mare and am looking to breed her at the end of next show season or the following....

I have researched servicing fees but am looking for some pricing for vet fees?

Can anyone give me an idea as to how much I will be looking at?

Just want to get an idea so I can save more than I need. Just incase of complications or extra costs come into play.

Thanks for your help!

29-06-05, 03:30 PM
You would probably be better off calling the local vets and getting some ideas mate cos so much can go wrong as well as right LOL.

with me the first no problems at all. The second I had retained placenta for 4 days and foal had to have double plasma transfusion. $2500


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30-06-05, 01:50 AM
The costs of performing the AI can vary widely, depending on the Vet and what they charge you for. It can be as little as $500 but generally around $1000 if your mare needs to be flushed etc first cycle. However this is very much a guide and depending on the condition of the mare and how she breeds you can be up for literally thousands without a pregnancy. once the foal is on the ground you can as the previous poster mentioned be up for some pretty hefty costs as well. retained placentas can cost around 3-400 a day that they are retained. If you foal gets joint ill etc you can literally be up for thousands. a couple we had in early years cost us $4000 each in vet bills.

Unfortunately with breeding the service fee is usually the cheapest part. Having said that it can work out well, mare goes in foal first time, no foaling issues and work out relatively inexpensive, however you need to allow for worst case.

01-07-05, 05:29 AM

Had my first go at breeding last season, mare came back twice with two negative preg tests, and we missed the third cycle, so add up the cost of 3 PG's, scans before and after, time spent at clinic, and then two AI's, I was up for $1800, with no foal, just in vet bills.
Going for live cover this time round!!!


02-07-05, 05:39 AM
My mare's foal was born dead which was an AI with fresh semen as the stallion was at the vets which didn't cost much at all. The mare was in no condition to breed again so used another mare this time with year old frozen semen stored at the vets. Didn't go in foal. I used yet another mare the next year and again not in foal. The vets then told me that she wasn't suitable for frozen AI because she'd had so many foals and her uterus was so stretched as frozen semen only lasts about 6 hours and the semen wasn't great. It has cost me thousands in vet bills and now the stud has told me that I have used my quota of straws so I've done my money cold there too and the service fee wasn't cheap either. I understood that it was a live foal guarantee as the original service was all but a live cover. I wouldn't have used her they'd told me beforehand but you live and learn and it's always through the pocket. The vets are there only to take our money after all. Incidently, the other mare went straight in foal the following year so I know she didn't have a problem.