View Full Version : Melbourne Royal acceptances

06-07-01, 04:22 AM
Does anyone know when we can expect acceptances (I hope!) back?

me and me (Guest)
06-07-01, 05:20 AM
Well, i got my membership card back...dont know what that means about the entries though.

Melissa (Guest)
06-07-01, 05:48 AM
A friend of mine had a hack with 2 open wins which she entered for the Hunter class, she was notified a couple of weeks ago that the horse would not be accepted and if she decided not to appeal that they would refund her entry fees. However if she wanted to appeal that they would keep them if she lost the appeal. They told her that they were only going to take horses with at least 3 open wins, so she decided to keep the money, only to find out this week that a friends horse got in with less performances.

GHillian (Guest)
06-07-01, 07:15 AM
Spoke to their office today and NO has been notified they got in.. several entries have been queried but NO one is in yet..

LJ (Guest)
08-07-01, 01:05 PM
The RAS are trying to have all acceptances out this week hopefully by Wednesday. Oh by the way the horsesmans bar is now a vet area and the CWA is now under the stand where the chinese food shop used to be near the cattle sheds. Repaving of the eastern end is near completion and stables will be hopefully filled with shavings prior our arrival. All good news Good Luck