View Full Version : Stallion Fees

SuperE (Guest)
09-08-01, 03:35 AM
What stallion commands the highest price? Just finished reading the report on AAP about Nureyev and mentions a fee of around $290K. Is this the highest worldwide. What is the highest in Aust/NZ?

Rowena (Guest)
08-11-01, 12:16 AM
Wow thats high but in the staes the 1997(or was it 1996??) Kentucky Derby Winner Fusaichi Pegasus commands a massive $350,000!! Here in OZ he is also the highest $ standing stallion at a record $100,000 at Coolmore at Jerry's Plain. Not even the infamous Danehill stands for that much!! and hes more popular! Go figure!!

Renee (Guest)
02-04-02, 06:04 PM
i heard from a reliable source, that Storm Cat asks for US$500 000. Danehill is only open to invitation only mares and has come at a price of $200 000 before. Fusachi Pegasus is a glorius looking horse and if i had the money i would definately send my mare to him. he serves 3 mares a day, 7 days a week during the season and i cant wait for his first foals to hit the ground in august 2002!

Alydar (Guest)
29-10-02, 06:57 AM
Danzig also stands for around $500 000US