View Full Version : Frozen Semen

Alison (Guest)
26-08-01, 04:38 AM
I have a stallion and have been asked about whether I would be doing Frozen Semen. Can anyone tell me where I can find information on it.

Jan Heine
28-08-01, 07:21 AM
You don't say whereabouts you are but my suggestion is that you contact either Angus McKinnon at Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital in Shepparton on 03-58 299 566 or Simon at Alabar in Echuca on 03-58 592201 and discuss the process with them - both places are exceptional and they will tell you the pros and cons of collection/freezing and the costs etc. Start there and I don't think you can go wrong - all three of my lads have been collected and frozen and considering I lost my first boy all I can say is "thank god for frozen semen" as I am still breeding with him nearly 4 years after I lost him. I would actually recommend collecting and freezing regardless if you have a stallion with valuable lines for exactly that reason.

03-09-01, 12:13 PM
i saw on www.horsedirectory.com artifical breeding centres. so i guess you could ring them. also i saw in the stallions listings in the horse and hoofs marg all you need to collect the seman. there kits and how much the are. sorry i lent the marg out ,can't tell you what page. hope this helps