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comet (Guest)
11-10-01, 04:17 AM
This probably sounds really ignorant but bare with me as this is the first time I have had a foal due. I have a little shetland mare due in around 5 weeks and its anybodies guess whether or not she is preggers! We never tested her at the start but when we returned her to the stud after the first matings she wasn't interested so we just hoped she was pregnant. My question is when is she likely to bag up or show any other signs of pregnancy other than a little bit bigger tummy. She is a maiden and I have heard she may not bag up until a few days before she is due, is this true? Any info is appreciated.

Fine Cotton
12-10-01, 10:44 PM
It often depends on the horse unfortunately. Our TB's vary at the time they bag up. One of our maidens bagged up a month before last season and foaled 10 days early. We have just had a mare foal and she bagged up 3 weeks prior and foaled 3 days over her due date. Most of ours seem to run at the 2 to 3 weeks before they bag up but we have had the odd one that has not 'shown' at all until the night she foals. When they first bag up it is not a huge difference but gets bigger as they get closer. Watch for the wax that the mares produce shortly before foaling, though not all mares will do this either. It is a wax like substance that is on the teats. Some mares run milk the night or a few days before foaling too. Oh, and ALL ours foal between 3am and 430am. Blasted creatures never want to see you relax. :-) Good luck, I hope this helps. Seeing you never had her tested did she ever return in season?

13-10-01, 12:55 AM
I'd have to agree with Fine Cotton - every mare is different and most mares like to make life difficult for their owners who are waiting with baited breathe for the arrival of the babies!

I had a TB mare foal down last year between one and two am - she was three weeks overdue and I checked her at 1am and thought, oh well, it doesn't look like she is going to have it tonight and went to bed. At around 2am I heard the horses neighing and thought I had better get up and check on them, lo and behold, there was my mare with filly foal at foot galloping laps of the paddock! Of all the foals I have bred I have only seen one born and that belonged to a neighbour!

Good luck, I hope all goes well!

comet (Guest)
13-10-01, 12:00 PM
Thankyou both very much, obviously I will just have to wait! Something that has happened in the past couple of days is we started watching her tummy closely (as in sitting and staring at it!!) and have definately seen some funny things happening, pushing, rippling etc. So at least we have convinced ourselves there is something in there!

Katz (Guest)
27-11-01, 01:23 PM
My mare went through her pregnancy with every one thinking she had not gotten in foal. (She even had the stallion fooled) She cycled the whole way through, and only bagged up a day before. Yes, the foal is called Secret!! LOL

28-11-01, 04:52 AM
Get you vet to preg test and you will know what is going on.

moose (Guest)
29-11-01, 04:36 AM
we must have beginners luck, 3 foals, 3 daylight foalings!!! 2 at 5pm & 1 at 6.30 am. even our maiden was one of the 5 pm foalings. But will my darling broody oblige this time?, now officially 1 week over, still a week or away I think, other years we have been able to read her like a book, but knowing our luck it will be wet dark & a suprise!