SUZIE (Guest)
20-11-01, 02:03 PM
I hope to put my maiden mare in foal this season. I was wondering what the odds are for a maiden mare and frozen semen. Is it better with natural service for the first foal?

Nativity (Guest)
21-11-01, 01:32 AM
My maiden mare was AI this season with natural semen and she went in on first and only insemination. I find it easier ( tho more expensive ) with AI if your mare is in work or doesn't like to travel, be away from home etc. Its less stress on the mare and they are more likely to concieve.
Best of luck! :-)

janette (Guest)
21-11-01, 08:15 AM
Depends on the mare. I have bred many that have gone in first time using Frozen and others that took 4 goes the first time. I have also bred mares that have had many foals going in first time, others that always go in second time, and others that went in first time as a maiden that took 2 years to get in foal again using chilled.

If the vet thinks your mare looks ok and you would like to try Frozen then give it a go.

I tend to opt for Frozen first then have some chilled in reserve as a backup if it is getting near the end of the season.

Minnie (Guest)
26-11-01, 07:41 AM
Hi Suzie,

We have now had four maiden mares go to frozen semen. Three out of the four went in foal first go at the ages of three, three and five. Our 6 year old went in foal on the second insemination. To be fair she was tried late last season when the cycle is not so good, so we tried her again early this season and went first attempt. Pretty damn good strike rate here.